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Unleash your business concept with powerful ecommerce solutions. If you want the leading ecommerce Brisbane experts on your team, call Media Heroes today.

Ecommerce provides incredible opportunities to build amazing businesses. It allows you to scale your idea, automate processes, create passive income and break through many of the limitations of traditional retailers. The ecommerce economy is growing rapidly and it’s time to get serious. Are you ready to launch your first ecommerce store, but unsure of how to get started? Are you frustrated with a lack of results from your existing ecommerce website? Are you ready to take your business or idea to the next level?

Media Heroes helps you to refine your concept, attract customers, convert sales and build your online empire. Our approach to ecommerce is a focus on maximising sales and making you money. We help you create the right ecommerce website, plus we provide advice and marketing expertise throughout the lifecycle of your business.

You need an ecommerce store that looks great, functions smoothly, converts visitors into buyers and continually attracts new business. With Media Heroes, your ecommerce website is built to perform and ready to compete. Call our Hero Hotline on 1800 464 376 or request a FREE Discovery Session with one of our ecommerce Brisbane based specialists today.

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Choosing The Right Platform

Ecommerce Website Design Brisbane

At Media Heroes, we work with the two leading ecommerce platforms, Magento and WooCommerce. They’re both incredible and suited for slightly different needs, so we’ll work with you to establish the best choice for your business.

WooCommerce is highly flexible, easy to use and perfect for start–ups right through to larger ecommerce businesses. WooCommerce is WordPress plugin that creates a full-featured and very powerful ecommerce store with lots of functionality. Approximately 35% of Australian online stores use WooCommerce and as it’s built on WordPress, it’s perfectly suited to SEO, scalable and very user friendly.

Magento is the big hitter in the ecommerce game. If you want all the bells the whistles, maximum functionality and almost unlimited scalability, then Magento is for you. Magento is perfectly suited to build large ecommerce stores in highly competitive markets and it powers more of the top ecommerce stores than any other platform in the world. Magento has an amazing amount of flexibility and its SEO potential is truly exceptional. Smaller ecommerce retailers can certainly use Magento too, as it’s geared for growth, but expect a slightly higher initial investment, a steeper learning curve and a little more on going maintenance to keep this powerhouse at its best.

Whatever ecommerce platform you choose, Media Heroes will design your site to attract and convert your ideal customers. You’ll be able control everything from your admin panel including products, stock, payments, invoicing, promotions and shipping. We’ll work with you to develop the right digital marketing strategy, so once we launch your new site, you can begin attracting new customers from day one.

Our ecommerce solutions are extremely effective at generating sales when combined with the right strategy and we’ll guide you through the whole process to maximise your success. If you’ve been searching online for ‘Ecommerce Brisbane‘, ‘Ecommerce Web Design Brisbane‘ or ‘Ecommerce Website Design Brisbane‘, Media Heroes is your perfect digital marketing partner. In order to get started, simply call the Hero Hotline on 1800 464 376 or request a FREE Discovery Session with one of our Brisbane ecommerce specialists.

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8 Steps To Success

Ecommerce Web Design Brisbane

Launching a new ecommerce business is super exciting, but there’s a lot to think about. Getting the process right means you’ll not only enjoy the journey a lot more, but you’ll save yourself time and money. The Media Heroes Brisbane ecommerce team has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and start up ecommerce businesses, and we’ve developed the ‘8 Steps To Ecommerce Success’ to make working together as successful as possible.

Ecommerce Brisbane - Planning - Media Heroes

1. Ecommerce Planning & Preparation

Whether or not you create a formal business plan is up to you, but remember that an ecommerce store is no different than launching any other kind of business. Online retailing can be extremely competitive, so be prepared with a well thought out plan.

(a) Choose a tightly focused niche. Don’t try to boil the ocean and be all things to all people. People like to buy from a specialist with more range and greater knowledge, giving you a potential advantage over larger online retailers.

(b) Follow your passions. You’ll enjoy it more, plus you’ll have a greater knowledge base and be more driven to offer something unique to your customers.

(c) Understand your customer’s buying motives. Find an unfulfilled need within your target market and develop your unique value proposition.

(d) Competitive analysis. Understand who your competitors are and what they’re doing well and poorly. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What about their design, navigation or website features?

Ecommerce Brisbane - Strategy - Media Heroes

2. Digital Marketing Ecommerce Strategy

Many new online retailers focus on building their new ecommerce website, with little or no thought about how they’ll attract and retain customers. In fact, many new online retailers don’t even have a realistic budget for marketing, making it incredibly difficult for them to survive. It’s important to plan your digital marketing strategy from the beginning, as this often impacts the necessary functional specifications and it’s critical to plan how you’re going to make money. You need to consider the full suite of options including search engine optimisation, Adwords, Google Shopping, Facebook Advertising, content marketing, email marketing, remarketing and social media marketing. As a new online business, the challenge is to know where to focus your investment for the greatest returns. During the initial planning phases with Media Heroes, we’ll explore all these options together and identify the most suitable plan for your launch and how to build momentum over time.

Brisbane Ecommerce - Functionality - Media Heroes

3. Ecommerce Functional Specifications

Your ecommerce functional specification document is the first step to agreeing the scope of work for the project and it’s really a ‘wish list’ of how you want your ecommerce store to operate. If you’re building a relatively simple ecommerce store, then this can be as basic as a few bullet points, perhaps including what merchant facility you wish to use and if you’re going to be using email marketing. For more advanced ecommerce web development projects the functional spec document needs to detail any functionality requiring advanced configuration, external plugins/extensions or custom development. It’s generally much better to keep things simple and start gaining some sales before investing too heavily in custom functionality, so don’t try and replicate Ebay or Amazon, especially if this is your first ecommerce business. If often helps to think about why you want to include certain functionality and whether this is going to be to critical at the start or whether you could add it later.

Ecommerce Web Design Brisbane - Platform - Media Heroes

4. Ecommerce Platform

Your ecommerce platform powers the functionality of your online store and choosing the right platform from the beginning is extremely important. While the basic features between ecommerce platforms often seem very similar, they vary substantially in areas such as; ease of use, scalability, ability to integrate, complexity of product set ups, shipping options, payment options, SEO suitability and much more. Start by developing your digital marketing strategy and then identify the essential functional specifications, before choosing your ecommerce platform. At Media Heroes, we favour WooCommerce or Magento, as these are the two top ecommerce platforms available and they give us the greatest flexibility to build integrated digital marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce Web Design - Conversions - Media Heroes

5. Ecommerce Design & Conversions

The branding and design of your ecommerce website needs to start by understanding who your customers are and what’s important to them. A well-designed ecommerce store should be visually appealing to your target audience and should include a well-planned user experience, so the design is more than skin deep. Using a cookie-cutter template or adding poorly designed graphics will hurt your sales, so invest in a professional design from the start. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is incredibly important for ecommerce stores, as the whole sales process is completed online. Although CRO is an ongoing process, the initial design can have a big impact on your conversion rates and includes details such as colours and fonts, product image quality, calls to action, shopping cart design and much more.

Brisbane Ecommerce - Build - Media Heroes

6. Ecommerce Build & Set Up

The ecommerce build phase commences once the functional specifications and the basic design concepts are confirmed. Most of the build specifics will be covered in the scope of work, but there are a few extra details to consider:

(a) Hosting. You’ll need fast and secure hosting for usability and SEO performance. For larger ecommerce websites consider a VPS and for Magento builds, you’ll need specialised Magento hosting.

(b) Online payments. You can use payment gateways or merchant accounts, but make sure your check which ones are supported by your chosen ecommerce platform, then compare fees to make your choice.

(c) Shipping. Both Magento and WooCommerce support Australia Post integrations or you can you can use simple flat rate shipping. Using multiple couriers adds complexity, so be sure to discuss this with us first!

(d) SSL certificates. If you collect credit card details, you’ll need to purchase an SSL certificate and you’ll need to make sure you keep it current or your shopping cart will stop working.

(e) Products. Uploading products is generally excluded from scope, so consider how many products you have, how you plan to upload and manage your stock.

Ecommerce Website Design Brisbane - Launch - Media Heroes

7. Ecommerce Website Launch & Digital Marketing Campaign

Go live! Always a big day for a new ecommerce websites and well worth celebrating. Just don’t celebrate for too long, as this is just the beginning! Roll out your digital marketing campaign straight away and work hard to attract new customers and enrol them to spread the word about your amazing new store. Focus on attracting quality traffic and converting sales, then make sure you’re actively engaging with your new customers to build your customer base. Many ecommerce websites are launched with little or no digital marketing support and their owner’s wonder why they aren’t generating sales! Inbound visitors are just like foot traffic for traditional retailers, so think of your digital marketing campaign investment like the rent you’d pay to be in a major shopping centre.

Plan your investment from the beginning and go for it from day one!

Ecommerce Website Design Brisbane - Performance - Media Heroes

8. Ecommerce Performance Analysis & Refinement

Media Heroes assists you to set up the correct measures during the website development phase, so we gain a wealth of information to continually improve your online sales performance. You’ll gain data on how customers find and interact with your store, what products are the most popular what does and doesn’t work. Your Brisbane Ecommerce Consultant will work with you to understand and interpret the data, identify priorities and suggest continual changes and improvements. Ecommerce marketing relies on a strong relationship with your digital marketing company, as new stores will often need to go through several tests and refinements to find which digital marketing methods are the most effective.

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Ecommerce Questions

Super important! Buying online removes all the tangible and tactile senses you normally use in a physical shop to help you decide to purchase a product. Online this leaves you with images and text to reach your decision and the most powerful of these is the visual aspect. High quality photographs make an enormous difference to the conversion rate of your ecommerce website, so definitely make the effort to get this right. You may have the option of using supplier images, but remember these will make you look like all your competitors with the same products, so they’re not always a good idea. If you have a lot of products and this seems overwhelming, consider having professional photographs taken for your best sellers and gradually roll this out to the rest of your store.

Yes, but remember to do the basics first. Anything to make the buying experience more like being in-store will boost your conversion rates and product videos have been shown to have a very significant impact. Product or demonstration videos do require a bit of investment, so we always recommend you do the basics first, like enhancing your product images and descriptions. You also need to consider the type of product you’re selling and whether product videos are suitable. If you’re selling rock salt, then the value of video production is limited, as it’s an inexpensive commodity, but if you were selling a new kitchen appliance, then a product demonstration video would be almost essential. There is so much you can do with ecommerce, so the best advice is to prioritise and invest where you can gain the biggest returns.

Tricky question. This depends on the markets you’re targeting, the level of competition and your goals, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer. One thing to remember is that SEO does take longer to mature than PPC, so although SEO is normally very important for ecommerce, you may wish to launch your site with a PPC campaign to kick start your sales. PPC has the advantage of being able to generate visitors rapidly and it’s very flexible, so this gives you the opportunity to test keywords and products to see where you have the greatest opportunities.

Ecommerce marketing campaigns almost always require a considerable amount of testing, especially in competitive markets, so PPC does play a key role. The best approach is to run combinations of PPC and SEO along with other digital marketing efforts, but the decision normally comes down to making the best use of the available budget. Every ecommerce store is slightly different, so it’s best to book in a FREE Discovery Session with the Media Heroes ecommerce Brisbane team and we can provide some specific advice for your situation.

Sometimes. Both WooCommerce and Magento can cope with a huge number of products, but Magento is better suited for larger stores. Having a good idea of the number of products can help you to choose the right platform. The number of products doesn’t tend to have a big impact on the website cost, as you’ll be uploading your own products, but if you require the ability to bulk upload, this usually requires additional functionality to be added to the scope. The biggest variable relating to products is the variation and complexity of products, rather than their quantity. Products can either be simple products (e.g. a green mug) or configurable products (e.g. a t-shirt in 5 sizes and 6 colours). Configurable products are made up of product attributes (e.g. colours and sizes), so an ecommerce store with lots of different types of configurations each with a long list of attributes can certainly add to the cost of building your ecommerce website. When discussing your functional specification, it’s important to discuss the quantity and complexity of your products to ensure the scope of work covers everything you need from the start.

Yes and no. It’s a common misconception that due to the nature of ecommerce, you can automatically market your products worldwide. Technically anyone in the world can view your ecommerce website and buy from you, but most overseas customers won’t know you exist unless you actively target them. If you’re genuinely going to market your ecommerce store overseas pick specific markets like the UK, rather than vague regions like Europe. You may wish to add a currency converter, different overseas shipping options and even consider dedicated landing pages for different languages, but the biggest challenge is the online marketing. If you have a limited budget, you’re normally best to focus on Australia first, rather than going after world domination right off the bat and spreading yourself too thin. International SEO can be extremely complex and normally requires a specific website set up, so many online businesses use a combination of PPC and social media to target overseas markets. Whilst ecommerce does allow you to sell anywhere in the world, the practicalities marketing overseas are a bit more complex. Make sure you discuss this as part of your digital marketing strategy, so you can decide if targeting international markets is a good strategy for your business.

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