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Your website is your most important marketing asset and the basis for attracting and converting new customers. Exceptional website design combined with lean coding through the web development process are key foundations for your success. As a leading web design Brisbane agency, we look after the process from start to finish, so your new website attracts your ideal customers, engages with their needs and maximises your conversions and sales opportunities.

The web design process aims to bring your brand to life and create an instant connection with your potential customers. Effective web design makes a strong first impression and then draws the users into the website through engagement with images, movement and content, appealing directly to their wants and needs. Website design goes beyond the obvious visual impression and aims to communicate brand values while encouraging users to explore and engagement with your website, ultimately leading them towards a conversion goal.

The web development component will determine the performance of your website. Custom web development allows a website to be created with considerable freedom and flexibility and most importantly, the coding can be optimised to ensure the website load speed is fast while creating the best user experience. To create a lasting performance advantage, custom web development is an essential part of creating a highly competitive website. We specialise in WordPress web development, for both lead generation and ecommerce websites, as this CMS provides the best overall results.

At Media Heroes, we’re much more than a leading Brisbane web design company. We look at your digital marketing as a whole and develop highly effective digital strategies to make you money. Your website is the centre of your marketing and absolutely crucial to your success, so it’s essential to get this right. We design and build websites that not only look amazing, but they’re designed to maximise conversions and deliver lasting results. If you’re looking for great web design and a team of heroes to help you super-power your business, then let’s talk. Start your journey with us by booking in for a FREE Discovery Session with one of our web design Brisbane experts.

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Web Design To Attract, Engage + Convert

Website Design Brisbane

Creating a new website starts long before the actual design process. Your website, like your business, should be designed around the needs and expectations of your customers. Completing competitor research as part of the website design process helps to generate ideas and an understanding of your current industry standards and to gain inspiration from other industries. However, for your website to be effective, you need to delve a little deeper into what motivates your customers. Once you have clear buyer personas you can view your images, colour palettes, fonts and written language through the lens of your target customers, which is where you gain the most insight.

Creating a website design that looks appealing is relatively easy, but creating an effective marketing and sales tool is a different matter. Our website design process starts by looking at your business objectives and the needs of your customers, along with the marketing strategies you’ll use to attract and convert website visitors, as these factors will all influence the design of your website. We start our web design process with a consultation session, which helps us to understand the role of your website in any marketing strategies and how we can best appeal to your target market and gain an advantage over your competitors. Your website is a foundation for your marketing, so taking the time to get this right at the start can have enormous benefits for you over the long term. The next stage is to create concept designs for the most important pages on your website to allow us to collaborate and share ideas.

Website + Business Types | Web Design Brisbane

The initial stages of the web design process are similar across business types, but there are some differences worth exploring. When we design websites, we know that the needs of every business are different, which is why we combine our knowledge and experience with yours to create the right solution for your success. We have outlined a few of the differences in our website design process when working with different business types.

1. B2C Lead Generation Website Design

These businesses are normally consumer-facing service providers and the objective of the website is to generate leads. There is a wide variation in these types of websites and the target markets are diverse, so really understanding the customer is essential. Websites range from home builders to hairdressers, so the design elements of each website are very different, but many will have significant SEO potential, so this is always a big consideration as part of the website design and structure. Commonly, the aim is for the website to appear simple and easy to use while maximising leads from the website.

2. B2B Lead Generation Website Design

With a business-facing website, there is often a greater emphasis on sharing knowledge, building trust and focusing on the people behind the business. Although the aim is still to generate leads, the approach is softer as generating the lead is just as important as qualifying the prospects and building their confidence in your products or services. These web design projects often have a big focus on the content marketing side of the website and ensuring that the website works in unison with other sales and marketing channels.

3. Informative / Service-Based Website Design

Websites designed primarily to share information or to provide access to services or assistance tend to focus more on the user than other websites. In many cases, multiple users or stakeholders might need to be considered, so there could be different sections of the website with different user journeys. This is common for not-for-profits or education-focused website designs. Creating these types of websites normally requires more upfront work to understand the needs of the different users, which can be gained through workshops or user surveys before the sitemap or design phases can commence.

4. Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce is highly competitive and the design of your website is essential to get right. The web design concepts for ecommerce sites focus on the homepage, product categories and product pages primarily. The same process to understand your ideal customer groups remains, but there is often greater consideration of the style of images you use and your social media campaigns, as these have to work seamlessly together. The website design and the ecommerce development stages work together, so we can work on the user experience on critical conversion pages such as the shopping cart and checkout.

Media Heroes | Your Brisbane Web Design Agency

We go beyond the design to create the right foundations for your online marketing success. Once you book your Discovery Session, this gives us an introductory meeting to begin exploring your business needs and to outline how you can get the best from your new website design. Regardless of whether we end up working together, these sessions allow us to share our knowledge and ensure you have the right advice from the start. If you’re looking to create a leading website design and you want the best results for your business, talk to the team at Media Heroes today.

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Web Development Process

Web Development Brisbane

When the Media Heroes team completes the planning, design and build of your website, we go well beyond the visual design. While having a highly engaging design is essential, design alone is not enough. The user experience, conversion rate, communication role and organic ranking foundations all need to be incorporated into your website to produce the best long-term results for your business. At Media Heroes, we ensure all the elements within your website are working at their best to help your business create a significant advantage over your competitors. As a leading web development Brisbane agency, we have a proven methodology to design, develop and launch your new website so you can maximise the returns on your investment.

Website Design Brisbane - Planning - Media Heroes

Web Design Step 1: Planning

We invest the time to complete a thorough briefing of your business and to explore your goals, customer segments, competitors and challenges together. This shared knowledge helps us to identify the right opportunities for your digital strategy, allowing us to plan your website development as part of the bigger picture for your success. We map out the options for your campaigns and what impact this will have on your website structure, functionality and web design, so you can assess all of your options from the beginning.

Web Design Brisbane - Creative Design - Media Heroes

Web Design Step 2: Creative + Design

The web design process starts with your designer researching inspiration websites and sharing a few ideas with you. Once they’re confident about the direction of your design, they will create a custom concept design for your homepage. You have the opportunity to share feedback and this is where most of the major changes are made to the website design. Once your homepage is confirmed, your web designer can start working on the other page templates, so normally there will be several web design concepts to view before the web development stages commence. This is a really creative and enjoyable phase of the process and gaining your input early on is really important.

Website Design Brisbane - Onsite Content - Media Heroes

Web Design Step 3: Onsite Content

The requirement for the number of pages and length of the content is all set out in your sitemap. As part of the web design process, your content marketer works with you to create content briefs for each page and then begins the writing process. The content is planned carefully to fit into the page templates that are being designed at the same time, so collaboration between the designer, the writer and yourself is paramount. The aim of the onsite stage is to write all of the content as the designs are being completed so that all the content is ready in time for the web development stage to be concluded.

Web Design Brisbane - Web Development - Media Heroes

Web Design Step 4: Development + Build

The approved webpage designs can now be coded to create the basis for your new website. We specialise in WordPress web design and development, as this CMS platform provides significant advantages. WordPress allows us to create completely customised builds with the ability to add to the coding over time and to create websites ranging from simple lead generation sites, large ecommerce builds to highly customised functionality. For any web development project the homepage, headers and footers and universal styling are built first. This is followed by any other approved page templates, the addition of custom functionality and then the remainder of the pages. The web development is coded responsively so versions for different screen sizes and orientations are created from the start. We have a big focus on load performance to ensure our website are fast and can provide the best user experience. Once the core build is complete, all other pages are created with their approved onsite content and images. The final stage is to quality check the build and functionality, so your website is ready to perform as soon as it is launched.

Web Design Brisbane FAQs

User experience (UX) is a crucial part of any well designed website. Before we start designing, we make it a priority to thoroughly understand your customers and potential website users. For each client, we perform in-depth user research to build detailed buyer personas to guide and inform the user experience design. We will also seek to thoroughly understand your company and goals for your website.

After we have insight into your website users’ needs, we will create the information architecture, the overarching structure and relationship between all areas of the website or websites, in a user-centric way. Next, we will create the sitemap, which lists all pages and shows the hierarchy, structure, page goals, content and functionality for each page. Finally, we design the navigation experience by considering users’ search and engagement goals to create a seamless experience.

Next, we will create wireframes internally to chart the structure of each page of your website and optimise them for usability. For higher end projects, we may share these with the client. Throughout the web design process, we aim to ensure the user experience is smooth. From there, we create a high fidelity mockup with more visual detail and write the code for the website. At this stage, we create the user interface and visual design, including visual cues to guide the user through the experience, such as buttons, hover interactions, movement or scrolling cues, and design the visual hierarchy and position of images or videos on each page. Each page is designed to fulfill a specific purpose. For example, on your home page or about page, we might display testimonials to build your business’ credibility. Once the website’s design is created, we make final tweaks to ensure the user can easily navigate through the website.

A website is the heart of any inbound marketing strategy, designed to draw customers to your business naturally and organically. In contrast to marketing methods that attempt to buy attention such as advertising, inbound marketing focuses on earning your audience’s interest through exceptional or valuable content.

A website plays an important role across all four stages of the inbound marketing methodology, from attracting customers to encouraging conversions, closing sales, and creating ongoing delight. For example:

  • During the attraction stage, a website helps attract your business attract audiences through compelling content. You can encourage potential customers to visit your website by delivering search-optimised website and blog content that targets your audiences’ pain points, needs and concerns, and drive them to interact with your website content through social media.
  • During the convert stage, an attractive or positive website design will entice customers to convert. For example, calls-to-action, landing pages and forms can be designed to maximise sales or capture valuable contact information. High intention pages, such as service pages and landing pages, should be optimised to maximise their effectiveness in converting leads to customers.
  • During the close stage, a website that tracks user interactions on each page can help you nurture customers through the buyer’s journey with tailored messages, such as remarketing or lead scoring, to maximise chances of a future interaction or sale.
  • During the delight stage, a website can help you build customer loyalty by leveraging smart calls to action, live chat support, support pages, pages to encourage referrals or recommendations, and ongoing, compelling educational content that resonates with your website visitors.

A website plays a crucial role in the inbound marketing methodology, which works across many levels to improve your customer experience and inspire repeat business.

Every one of our websites is custom-designed, so we have complete flexibility with our designs. We’ve developed a rigorous process to ensure every web design not only matches your brand but more importantly, that it attracts your ideal target market.

Our process is simple. We start with a brief – working with you to define your target audiences, goals, objectives and any problems you want to solve to build a tailored web design strategy. At this stage, we want to understand your brand identity, goals and desired visual feel for your website. From here, our team will research your audience (including search intent) and competitors so we can build a strong foundation that will help you outperform your competitors.

To build the website, our web design and content marketing teams work together to design the website user experience and map out the audience journey. We’ll design a flat concept and visual mockup of website pages and layout, so we can gain feedback from you and take on your ideas. Throughout this process, our content marketing team will add their expertise to align your website content with a high-level content marketing strategy and build useful, readable landing pages with strong calls to action.

After we build your website, if you would like to run a digital marketing campaign, we can continue to refine your website with content updates, make tweaks to optimise the user experience and strengthen conversions.

The short answer: with lots of dedication from a team of hardworking professionals. Creating a website is easy but designing a high-performing website that delivers strong conversions is much more difficult.

The best web design is customer-centric. For strong conversions, it’s crucial to understand your ideal customers and their motivations. This understanding should guide every aspect of your web design from the visuals to the user journey and mobile experience. Understanding your customers’ goals will help you craft clear, precise, compelling calls to action that entice them to click, buy, sign up or register.

If you want to build a high performance lead generation or ecommerce website, your website must provide a fluid user experience on any device. If you want to set your business up for conversion success in the short and long term, you must deeply understand your ideal customers’ needs, test and hone your calls to action, continually build trust and demonstrate expertise, show an empathetic understanding of customers’ pain points, and leave no doubts about why they should choose you. There are no shortcuts. You must put in the hard work, measure your results and constantly improve your website.

Buying a new website is challenging. On face value, websites seem to vary wildly in price and it’s hard to know what the difference is. Web design is labour intensive and requires a range of expertise to build and design them correctly. The price of a website reflects the amount of labour used to design and build it, so in order to make a cheap website, you can either pay less for the labour (e.g. outsource overseas) or you can spend less time building it. Either way, you’re taking shortcuts and although the website might look ok, it’s likely to have some major problems under the hood.

Cheap web design quotes usually include a build process using off-the-shelf template builders, which are commonly packed with features, but slow to load. Time spent planning the structure, developing calls to action, writing compelling content or doing quality checks is usually removed to keep the price down. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

If you get a cheap web design quote, there’s a good reason. Buying a quality website is almost always less expensive in the long run and as your website is your primary marketing tool, this isn’t something you want to skimp on. The best advice is to look at exactly what’s included in different website scopes and to choose a Brisbane web design company who’s truly focused on making you money over the long run, rather than just selling you a website.

As inbound marketing specialists, we take a holistic, purposeful approach to web design. Every little detail of each website is crafted and coded by our talented professionals in-house with our clients’ unique needs and goals in mind.

Our strategic planning and in-depth competitor and audience research discovers the best way to portray your brand and informs our entire web design process, from developing code and a visual design to designing effective calls to action and performing quality checks for optimal website performance. During each stage, we consider how to craft a seamless and intuitive user experience with flawless usability and how we can use strategic content marketing to build authority and help you achieve your SEO and conversion goals.

While many website designers take a one-size-fits-all approach, we understand that each of our client’s needs is different. We’ll tailor our approach to garner the best outcome for you.

Most businesses can gain a huge advantage from having a well-executed SEO campaign, as this attraction method offers such a good return on investment. If SEO could form part of your digital marketing strategy, then you definitely want your website built by a Brisbane web design company specialising in SEO. If you see the label ‘SEO friendly websites’, this is usually a cop out, so run away! Make sure you ask the right questions to ensure SEO is at the heart of your Brisbane web design company’s services. The structure, build, coding and content of your website are fundamental to whether SEO success is even possible. The last thing you want is a shiny new website that either needs to be completely rebuilt or has major disadvantages when starting your SEO campaign.

The short answer is yes, but only when it’s an advantage for you and never at the expense of quality or performance. Website templates are widely misunderstood, partly due to overlapping terms used by web design companies. Design templates refer specifically to the designs for each distinct page within a website (e.g. template for the homepage and the template for the blog) and these can either be custom created, or downloaded as a pre-existing design template. Media Heroes doesn’t use pre-existing design templates, as we create designs uniquely for your business.

Often people talk about templates, when they really mean themes. Themes control the look and feel of a website and they contain lots of files often including pre-existing web design templates. While Media Heroes does use themes for certain web design projects to reduce the front-end development time, we always customise the design templates. Essentially themes allow us to provide greater value for the same investment, as we don’t need to create the whole build from scratch each time. We either use a theme we’ve developed ourselves or we use a few external themes that meet our strict standards.

Custom theme + custom design. This is used for top-shelf websites. If you need a website with specific build requirements, custom functionality and a completely unique design, then this one’s for you. Media Heroes offers this option when it creates a genuine advantage for your business or when it’s necessary to meet a precise brief. Although it costs a bit more to create a website this way, you get much more control over the functionality and design of your new website and we have the opportunity to create something completely unique.

Unlimited pages = alarm bells. This is ok if we’re talking about blogs, as all blogs allow you to add unlimited posts, but unlimited pages are different and this is normally a warning sign. Unlimited pages are actually quite common with budget web design solutions and although it sounds great, it’s really not. To build a website properly you need to create and design landing pages for a specific conversion purpose with unique images and high quality, styled content. With high-performance websites, your web design company will normally include a price per page to allow time for individual page design, specific calls to action, content creation and content uploading and styling, but no so when we’re talking about unlimited pages.

Cheap web design packages offering ‘unlimited pages’ mean you only have a single page design, so all pages look the same and things like content creation, styling, adding images, testing and everything else are normally excluded. Essentially, you’re buying a skeleton website and you have to do a lot of the work yourself. An unlimited pages website will usually have an inferior design, less professional content, a lack of structural planning, and it will almost certainly have major SEO issues. Like the saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

The answer really depends on what you need, as we design every solution to meet your business goals. Our custom website design solutions start from as low as $7,500 plus gst, but our average website is between $10,000-$15,000 plus gst and fully customised solutions tend to be a little more.

Although cost is important to consider, our advice is to focus on what business outcomes you want to achieve and then to work back from there. If you only focus on price, it’s normally a false saving, and you’ll end up with a website that fails to deliver the results you expect. However, if you’re working with a limited budget, we can always stage the build, so you have a fantastic web design solution that you can add to over time. The best place to start is to book in for a FREE Discovery Session with one of our Brisbane web design experts. We’ll explain everything clearly and provide you with a range of options to consider, so we can find the right solution for your business.

Many web designers advocate for a ‘mobile first’ approach. With this approach, desktop is a second priority.

At Media Heroes, we focus on ensuring the best experience for all website visitors, whether they’re using a smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop. A responsive design is essential for a fast website loading time and can drastically improve your visitors’ experience, elevating their perception of your brand. Ultimately, it’s crucial to design a website that delivers an exceptional experience on the device the majority of your customers use. If most of your website’s traffic comes from mobile, the mobile experience of your website should be top quality. Correspondingly, if most of your traffic is sourced from desktop, this would be the priority.

Make sure your web design company carefully crafts your website for usability across all devices. Media Heroes takes extra care to ensure our websites are user-friendly and intuitive, no matter which device they are using. Building a website that is flexible requires technical expertise and careful planning, followed by rigorous testing and tweaking to ensure the best experience for all users.

Well-designed onsite content is a crucial part of your web design and long-term marketing strategy. Ultimately, your onsite content and web design must both aim to meet user needs. For this reason, it makes sense to create onsite content at the same time as developing the website.

The first question to ask is, ‘Who is my audience for this content?’ This may vary across different website pages. Every piece of content on your website–whether it’s a blog post, FAQ page, landing page, video or downloadable eBook–should provide meaningful value to your website visitors, at a higher standard than what your competitors offer. This is why it is important to plan your website architecture and onsite content alongside the web development process.

Ideally, your content should be crafted to answer specific questions your target audience is seeking to understand in an easy-to-digest, compelling and unique way. It takes time to plan and skill to create unique, professional content that aligns with your brand personality, taps into your website visitors’ psychology, matches perfectly with your website’s visual design, and deepens your target audiences’ emotional connection with your brand. But it’s definitely worth it.

At Media Heroes, we naturally start with search intent. This important element impacts the website’s architecture, as well as the content length and structure. From there, we will undertake a detailed briefing process with a client, research, edit and incorporate feedback.

Some customers request to create their own onsite content. While this is possible, given the intricate interrelation of the web design and onsite content creation process, we strongly recommend allowing our team to look after the onsite content creation as we develop the website.

Look for a web design company that takes a strategic approach to content marketing and embeds it into your website design, instead of taking an ad-hoc approach to copywriting. Crafting unique content for your website may be a long-term investment, but consistent high quality content will yield many long-term benefits for your business. Quality content is and always will be the best way to attract links and website visitors, and nurture leads and conversions.

A better question to ask might be, ‘How can the design of my website help me attract my target audience? Who are we trying to convert?’

Every business benefits from identifying and understanding their target audience, as this can provide crucial insights into the experience they need to deliver to capture the attention, interest and loyalty of customers. There are three main ways to identify your target audience:

  • Create a buyer persona – A buyer persona is a detailed, semi-fictional profile of your ideal customer, including demographic information and short and long-term goals, based on market research data.
  • Identify current customer concerns – Speaking with current customers about their experiences can equip your business with vital information to understand how to meet future customers’ needs and reach them through marketing.
  • Observe competitors – Analysing whom your competitors are targeting, where these target audiences overlap with your audience and where they may differ, can help you better understand your customers’ needs. Thoroughly understanding your target audience will help our designers create a website that fulfills your customers’ expectations and needs, making them more likely to convert.

Typically, a website should last 3-4 years. However, this number will vary wildly depending on your industry. For example, ecommerce businesses will need to update their website once every two years on average.

As a website design becomes older, its performance will gradually degrade or become less effective. Website aging can result in a fall in customer conversions, make it harder to maintain organic rankings, increase technical issues and glitches as the code becomes outdated, and make your website more vulnerable to security issues such as malware.

If you are calculating cash flow, we recommend you amortise your website over 3-4 years. If your competitors regularly refresh their websites or your industry is highly visual, we recommending refreshing once every two years to ensure your website keeps in step with competition. Eventually, it will become financially inadvisable to make updates to an older website. In those cases, it is best to invest in a fresh website design.

Creating a high performing website is not a one-off investment. You must be prepared to invest on an ongoing basis, as your business and customers’ needs naturally evolve over time. This maintenance comes in two forms: making changes to protect your website’s security and functionality, and changes to increase conversions on your website. As website code and plugins naturally age over time, it is important to keep your website updated to keep your website safe from attacks and ensure your website continues to function in line with its original scope. In terms of conversion optimisation, opportunities may arise to boost organic rankings or improve conversions on a particular high traffic page. We recommend buying an ongoing package with us so that we can help you make the most of your website. However, this ongoing service is not automatically included in the cost of a new website design.

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