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We design elegant, high-performance websites that are made for your target audiences. Our Gold Coast web design team focuses on aesthetics, lean coding practices, exceptional content, and the functionality and user experience that turns visitors into customers.

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Beautiful websites, build to perform that convert visitors into leads and sales

As a leading Gold Coast web design company, we create premium, custom-made websites optimised for high conversions. Your website is the core of your marketing, helping you to attract and convert plenty of new customers. It must be extremely well-made using the latest development technologies, be brimming with useful content, and be combined with an effective SEO campaign to pull in visitors. With the right combination of techniques and practices, we create elegant, high-ranking websites that give people the confidence to make enquiries or buy your products, which can lead to massive increases in revenue for your company.

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Custom Web Development Gold Coast

With web development, it’s what you don’t see that makes the difference. Many websites use recycled themes with bloated and slow code. Visually you can’t see the difference, but it shows in the performance of these websites. If you’re using your website as a serious business tool to generate leads, you need to ensure the web development is super high quality and tailor-made for your marketing strategy. At Media Heroes, all of our websites are custom-made. We don’t use any pre-made templates or re-used code. Instead, we plan, design, and create our websites using modern and effective practices, which results in a lightning-fast, SEO-optimised, and highly usable experience for your customers. This approach takes a lot more work, but it’s an investment that has proven itself time and time again for our clients. By investing in custom web design and development, the foundations of your site are ultra-strong, which provides the best possible chance of ranking highly and attracting plenty of new customers.

Custom Web Development Gold Coast

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We’re a web design company that goes above and beyond for our Gold Coast clients, focusing first and foremost on what your customers want and need. This approach has allowed us to create high-performing websites for every one of our clients—we are proud of our results.

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Summary Of Our Web Development Process

The visual design of your new website is only one step in our web development process. We spend time planning the structure and the key user journeys in the website, then we match the design with the needs of your ideal customers and ensure the conversion pathways are as compelling as possible. The actual web development stage begins once you have approved the designs and we have the onsite content well underway. This allows us to build the website to match exactly with what you need to maximise the performance of your new website.

When the Media Heroes team completes the planning, design and build of your website, we go well beyond the visual design. While having a highly engaging design is essential, design alone is not enough. The user experience, conversion rate, communication role and organic ranking foundations all need to be incorporated into your website to produce the best long-term results for your business. The difference with a web development Gold Coast agency like Media Heroes is that we plan for success from the start and use our proven processes to achieve lasting performance for your business.

Step 1: Planning Phase Of Your Website

We invest the time to complete a comprehensive briefing of your business and to explore your goals, customer segments, competitors and challenges together. This shared knowledge helps us to identify the right opportunities for your digital strategy, allowing us to plan your website development as part of the bigger picture for your success. We map out the options for your campaigns and what impact this will have on your website structure, functionality, onsite content, desired user experience, customer targeting and web design, so you can assess all of your options from the beginning.

Step 2: Creative Design Concepts

The design process starts with your Gold Coast web designer researching inspiration websites and sharing a few ideas with you. They’ll ask for your brand assets, or if we’re rebranding, we’ll work with you to create a logo or a complete style guide. Once your web designer is confident about the direction of your design, they’ll create a custom concept design for your homepage. You have the opportunity to share feedback and this is where most of the major changes are made to your website design. Once your homepage is confirmed, your web designer can start working on the other page templates, so normally there will be several web design concepts to view before the web development stages commence. This is a really creative and enjoyable phase of the process and gaining your input early on is really important.

Step 3: Website Onsite Content

Your content writer will research your business to understand it more thoroughly, before calling you for a chat about the content for every page. It’s crucial that they understand the needs of your target audience, as this allows them to write effective copy that converts customers, so they will ask a variety of questions to find this information.

The number of pages and the length of content is set out in your sitemap—a core part of your overall strategy. The content is planned carefully to fit into each page template while being worked on by your designer at the same time, so the two collaborate to produce the best possible result. 

Once the first drafts of content are completed, your writer will send them to you for feedback and make any necessary changes. Our goal is to have all of the content written in time for the website’s development.

Step 4: Web Development & Build

The designs that you have approved can move on to the next phase: coding. We start with a development version of your site, creating the header and footer, homepage, and styling. We then move on to the other approved page templates, developing any necessary functionality such as project galleries, reviews, ecommerce checkout pages, and more. We work through your agreed sitemap and create every page in the scope, ensuring that the site is mobile responsive, ultra-fast, and highly usable.

Step 5: Quality Testing & Website Launch

Once we’ve completed every page, we work through a comprehensive testing process for each major browser, covering every important feature. We also test the website’s Core Web Vitals score to ensure that it satisfies Google’s criteria, who can reward it with high ranking.

When finished, we’ll share the website with you so that you can provide us with any last feedback, and start to prepare the website for launch. Your specialist SEO manager will also complete redirections from your old site to the new, to preserve existing SEO rankings.

When the site is launched, we complete another round of checks and usually make a few more small edits to the live version. Finally, we hand over the website to you with clear instructions on how to update it, at which point your campaign manager introduces themselves and starts to execute your specific growth strategy.