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We use time-tested SEO methods that will boost your rankings in Google and other search engines, and help you to generate lots more leads and sales for your business. After 12 years of managing some of the best-performing SEO campaigns, we know what works and we’re committed to your long-term success. We are the SEO experts on the Sunshine Coast.

Boost your rankings


Boost your rankings, attract more website visitors and grow your revenue

We’re a little different from the typical Sunshine Coast SEO agency. Aside from our years of experience and dedication to research, we only use white-hat SEO methods to give you a sizable advantage over your competition. We partner with your team to provide great communication and we have all the tools to tackle all aspects of your SEO campaign. If you’re looking for serious SEO results, Media Heroes will deliver.

We have been helping local Sunshine Coast companies to improve their SEO for over 12 years, and have developed the knowledge that we need to achieve amazing rankings. Our full-service SEO packages are tailored to your specific goals, with a custom strategy and execution of every campaign, so that you don’t have to worry. We’ll send you monthly performance reports so you know how things are going, which keeps you in the loop and also helps us to make tweaks and improvements.

By combining the key elements of great SEO: strong content, fast website speeds, exceptional usability, and more, we are able to achieve immense growth goals for our clients. We can do the same for you.

SEO Services Sunshine Coast | Dedicated To Results


Search Engine Optimisation Sunshine Coast

SEO is a process where you improve your search engine rankings so that more people visit your website. It includes a large number of specific SEO techniques including:

  • Keyword research
  • Coding best practices
  • Improvements to website usability
  • Regular SEO tweaks and refinements to maintain high rankings
  • Google Maps optimisation
  • Content calendars
  • Blog creation and publishing
  • Onsite content improvements
  • Ongoing SEO audits and analysis
  • Authority and trust enhancements
  • Regular SEO consultation and clear reports

As part of our initial research, we assess your website to identify opportunities (and barriers) for growth. Then we create a custom strategy that will help to increase your SEO rankings, clicks, leads, and sales.

Search Engine Optimisation Sunshine Coast

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Our Sunshine Coast SEO campaigns have achieved amazing results time and time again. Here are a few of our happy clients.




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SEO Services Sunshine Coast | How It's Done
Balanced SEO Approach

SEO Services Sunshine Coast | How It’s Done

So, we do have a keep a few things close to our chest, but we can tell you at a high level! We start with the right strategy, then we use the core pillars of SEO excellence (website structure, technical SEO, authority and content) to deliver results. Once we complete a full cycle of implementation over about 90 days, we analyse the data and then adjust our focus based on what’s working and where your campaign needs more work. We have the best auditing tools, the highest levels of expertise in our team and proven SEO processes to help us stay extremely consistent. On top of that, we care about our clients and we work to build strong relationships, so we can grow together.

Results-Focused Search Engine Optimisation Sunshine Coast Agency

We have delivered exceptional results time and time again for our Sunshine Coast clients. Here are just a few examples.


1. Business consultation & SEO analysis

We’ll complete a thorough evaluation of your business, to better understand your current challenges and how we can help you. We complete a basic SEO health check and then go through your aims to work out the best approach together.

2. SEO research & strategy

After exploring your goals and assessing your existing website performance, we can complete a detailed competitive analysis and the initial keyword research. Then we’ll create an SEO growth strategy that tackles the priorities for your business in a logical order, so we can start generating results within a realistic timeframe.

3. Onsite search engine optimisation

We’ll get started on your onsite SEO, which may include improvements to your website’s code, changes to your page structure, resolution of technical issues, content improvements and much more. The first time we do this, it’s all about priorities, but this is actually something that we revisit many times during your campaign, as there are almost always potential improvements.

4. Offsite search engine optimisation

We’ll complete key offsite SEO tasks like link building, directory submissions, content marketing, social optimisation, and more. There are core offsite signals that are possible with different types of SEO campaigns and different budgets, so this stage is all about focusing on what is going to be material to your individual success.

5. SEO audits & reporting

SEO just doesn’t work unless you regularly analyse your performance and make improvements. We do this throughout the entire life of your campaign as it allows us to achieve the highest possible rankings. We share metrics with you during our consultations and we’re always happy to explain what things mean and how we are using the data to make informed decisions to boost your SEO performance.