Choosing SEO Companies in Brisbane – Part 2

Content is core is more accurate. The Google search algorithm grows in complexity every single day. The focus is always on returning the best results for searchers. The quality of your content is at the core of attracting a positive return from search engine algorithms. SEO companies know this. The issue is that high quality content isn’t part of their traditional service scope. So, you need to choose a Brisbane SEO company that gets content! If you’ve been search for ‘SEO Brisbane‘ or ‘Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane‘, then read this article first! We aim to make choosing SEO companies in Brisbane a breeze, so read on!

Read their content first!

Make sure that the SEO company is also a content marketing firm. Their blog should be populated with useful, relevant stuff that applies directly to your everyday life. After all, if you’re hunting through SEO companies, you’re likely their target market.

What to look for:

• Read their blogs, are they informative and useful?

• Are they talking to you or are they pitching at a bigger company?

• Do they use layman’s terms while still answering your technical questions?

• Are they clearly written by an expert or do they have more of a “spam” feel?

• Ask for a specific list of terms and conditions – if they’re all about how they can get out of the contract but how you can’t, you may want to cross them off the list.

Quality content and strategy

The biggest factor in search ranking according to analysis of tens of thousands of searches by some of the world’s leading SEO companies: Content.

Content that targets a specific topic or problem rather than a single keyword is the focus of SEO in 2015. This means that highly qualified and professional content writers producing content answering the questions and pain points of your ideal buyer – must be a big part of your SEO strategy.

What to ask:

• Is content part of my SEO strategy?

• Is your content done in house or by partner agencies?

• Where are they located and what is their process?

• Can I see samples of the kinds of content I’ll be provided with?

If your content writers are located in say, India or Philippines, be sure that they aren’t just proficient at English but also have key insight into Australian markets, their challenges and pain points. If content isn’t provided, if they provide link building services only, you will need to provide that quality content yourself – keep that in mind!

• What kind of keyword research will be performed for me?

• What impact will these keywords likely have on my website traffic?

• How will you track the success of these? Only through ranking or through ROI?

• Will you set up my Google Analytics account for me to show me the return on your work?

Earned links – content driven link building

Google wants to see you build an authentic network of people who respect you and your content – and link to it. This might be about them researching and creating and industry show-stopping white paper. It may be about a particularly insightful article or a very, very cool infographic.

More commonly is outreach linking. This is where your SEO company approaches interested bloggers and webmasters and offers them a “relationship”. The result might be a cross promotion, collaborative project, guest blogging opportunity or product review. These are hard fought and won and most SEO companies don’t offer these services – generally this is the work of a specialist content marketing firm.

These days a lot of straight SEO companies are using Private Blog Networks – these are high authority blogs all owned by the company and they use these to link to you. The issue with this is that it won’t be too hard for Google to detect these in the future – I’m sure they’re already working on it. The general rule of thumb for link building is, if you can’t imagine your customer seeing it and clicking it, then it’s not a great link. For small businesses, quality over quantity is the best way to go.

What to ask:

• If they are using PBNs, be sure to ask if they’re also gathering links outside this technique. If they’re doing authentic outreach to interested bloggers too.

• Make sure they’re using authentic websites to build links, not just spammy directories and content farms.

• Ask if there is variety in the link building strategy. Focus on one area (guest blogging for example) could lead to big dramas when that area gets targeted by a Google update.

• What will you do for me if your work attracts a Google penalty? Will any “undoing” work be covered free of charge?

• Ask where the SEO link building work takes place. If you’re paying for links to be built in India or Philippines, you may end up with low “stick rates” as better bloggers (who understand more about the craft) see that the person doing your outreach is actually from a far flung place. They’ll delete comments and reject guest blogs. You’ll end up with a lower quality link profile.

Conversion rate optimisation

Depending on the kind of package you’re getting, you may be provided with web copywriting that targets the keywords and “sells” your product for you. Too many SEO companies get the “SEO team” to do this, not an actual professional web copywriter. This means that it’s all geared up for getting maximum traffic without any kind of conversion tactics in place.

What to ask:

• What conversion tactics will be included in my web copy?

• Will you be providing landing pages and lead capture mechanisms?

• Will content you provide to me include conversion funnels or other content marketing based strategies that help me make sales, not just get traffic?

In part one we gave you the all the questions you need to figure out how SEO companies build links. Now you’ve got all the questions you need to determine if your SEO company is going to do great work with content too. If you’re struggling with this decision, you know, we’re the leading Brisbane SEO company – and we’re specialists in making small businesses grow. You could contact us. Just putting that out there!