New Innovation For Delivery Based Businesses

“Delivery area” tool based on suburbs, postcodes or administrative areas

Recently Brisbane web dev team Digital8 engineered a tool that has the ability to define custom delivery zones based on the Australian suburbs, postcodes or administrative boundaries. This tool can be added to the CMS of a website that specialises in door to door delivery to assess whether or not a user is within the delivery zone.

The engineering, carried out by Senior Developer Mihai Romanciuc, began by importing the shapes of all the suburbs and administrative zones within Australia. To complete this step recently released data from the Australian Government was imported into Drupal and linked to the relative postcode for all suburbs in Australia.

More than 17,000 shapes are now accessible as a result.

For example, selecting all the NSW regions;

Selecting NSW Regions

or all the suburbs surrounding Melbourne City;

Suburbs Surrounding Melbourne

or postcodes in Brisbane;

Postcodes In Brisbane

Digital8 have also developed a tool that allows the user to create and save new shapes that are made from grouping the existing shapes.

For example linking Brisbane and Logan suburbs/shapes together

Linking Brisbane and Logan Suburbs

or Sydney’s 2000, 2010, 2011 postcodes

Sydney’s 2000, 2010, 2011 postcodes

Now using these new shapes, or the originally imported ones, as a reference point for a new content type, a user is able to find if the client’s searched address is inside the delivery zone of any of the new content type and return the results (point in shape geolocation query).

The tool can be applied to websites such as Menulog or Deliveroo. Reps from the company would be able to predetermine the suburbs/shapes in which they will provide their services to to streamline business efficiencies through integrations with other back end systems. Additionally, the sites could go further, by cutting different services across different shapes.

For the user this tool means that they can only see services that are available to their address instead of having to go through lists of products and having to decipher what is available to them vs what isn’t.

Key modules used:

Feeds, Feeds Tamper, Geofield, Geocoder, Geophp, Rules, Views, Leaflet

Custom code for the point in shape search (views hook), shape union and suburbs autocomplete.


(Written by Ash & Mihai, from one of the leading heavyweight web development companies in Brisbane, Digital8. Digital8 is a valued member of the Media Heroes Alliance program exchanging knowledge across web development and SEO.)