SEO Services Decoded – What You Need To Know

We’re the heroes dedicated to debunking myths and setting things straight. Here’s our guide to SEO Services Brisbane that will help you have a heroic win, and the ones that will make you a search villain!

First, what you must know about SEO services before you start shopping around

Not all SEO was created equal…and over time, plenty of best practice SEO strategies turn into the kind of activities that get you penalised. Google’s algorithm is a complex beast, with dozens of mini-algorithms all working together to determine the very best results for search queries. Bad SEO companies see these algorithms as a challenge to be overcome, to be tricked and evaded and generally manipulated. It’s these guys who will send your site to the blacklist when the next algorithm update happens. What they do today may work. It may go great guns. You might be number one for everything…. And then out of nowhere, you’re not only missing from page one, you’re missing from the Google index.

SEO Services Decoded – What’s Included?

We took a look at some SEO Packages from Brisbane providers and put together the right info and the right questions for you to ask. You’re welcome!

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools set up

This is a vital part of monitoring how your site is performing and getting a strategy together to improve it. This should be provided in ALL SEO packages.

GOOD: Both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools tracking code installed and you are the main administrator on the service. Your SEO Company has access but not the power to delete you.

BETTER: Tracking code installed and then your dashboard set up, ready to go, including goals around the KPIs you’ve discussed with the provider. This means you don’t need to be an SEO guru to know what’s going on. They’ll also take a look at your Webmaster Tools account at set up and inform you of any “red flags”.

WARNING: Your code is not added OR it’s added but your SEO company has total control, sending you reports periodically. This means that you could lose all your data if they decide to be jerks when you end your contract with them!

What to ask: Which metrics will you be tracking for me and what are your KPIs?

Keyword Research

This is where they take a good hard look into your industry and do several hours of research to come up with the very best strategy for your business.

GOOD: They provide you with a list of keywords that they’ll target, including a few big ones, a few specific ones and some that you can grow with over time.

BETTER: They give you the data they used to come up with the list so you can see a clear path for reaching your goals. They show you how to track your rankings using tools and “depersonalised” results.

WARNING: They make big claims about getting you to number one for a bunch of keywords, but give you no data on them. This is the most common trick, getting you all over page one for keywords that nobody searches, ever.

What to ask: What are the search numbers for my keywords and what impact can I expect to see on traffic and conversions?

On Page Optimisation

They take your existing content and reformat it to make it easier for search engines to understand. They use your brand new list of keywords to get your site moving in the right direction.

GOOD: They optimise your main pages for your new keyword group, assigning different keywords to different pages. They then make recommendations on how to build up your rankings.

BETTER: They optimise your main pages and then give you instructions on how to use on page optimisation when uploading content in the future. They have plenty of resources on their blog about how to make sure you’re romancing the search engines.

WARNING: Your website is transformed into a keyword frenzy. The text makes no sense, the keyword is used over and over on repeat. This is stuffing and it’s a “ham fisted” way to optimise a website. It is also very 1999 and likely to end in penalties.

What to ask: Will a professional SEO Copywriter be adjusting my text, using LSI Keywords and advising of conversion optimisation issues?

Content Packages

Your SEO plan should include content, including video, imagery and written articles. Content plays a major part in growing web traffic.

GOOD: Content is written or created by a professional SEO Copywriter or marketer and uploaded to your site.

BETTER: You have some say in your content and a content plan is put in place for the SEO Copywriter or digital marketer to work to. This allows for deeper strategy. Content designed to attract search engines will be different to content designed to go viral on social media. Content designed to help people just starting out on the purchase journey will be different to content designed to close the deal. All this can be provided in a content strategy.

WARNING: There is no content included in your plan – this means you’ll have to do it and that your strategy may not match theirs. Worse still, content is created by a machine or a “$2 an hour” far flung freelancer who will provide gibberish for your website. Low quality content will lead to penalties.

What to ask: Will a professional SEO Copywriter be writing my content? Will it comply with SEO best practice? Do I have a chance to make edits or comments before upload?

Link Building

Going to other websites and getting links back to your website is at the core of SEO strategy. It’s also the part of SEO that Google most likes to penalise.

GOOD: We’ll get links from authentic sources such as industry directories and high quality guest blogs.

BETTER: We’ll produce incredible content that attracts links from your industry and peers. We’ll also outreach to potential referral partners for you, and establish a relationship that could result in sales.

WARNING: Building links through spamming blogs and forums, through poor quality guest blogs or “article farms” are all practices actively targeted by search engines. The other big warning is when they say they have dozens of high quality websites in your niche through their own private blog network. Google is actively targeting Private Blog Networks right now and will likely release further updates to this algorithm in the coming months.

What to ask: Do you comply with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines? How exactly will my links be built? Can you give me some examples of pages you may approach for linking opportunities?

SEO services are a REAL minefield for newbies!

There are a lot of “used car salesmen” SEO companies out there. If you want a trusted, SEO company Brisbane, we’re here to help you become the hero of your own business, so talk our friendly team. We’re all about providing sustainable, compliant SEO services to our clients. And we have plenty of proof that they work!