Media Heroes

Viral Video Production? Better Call The Mario Bros!

Media Heroes wanted to combine an awesome day out for the team with a viral video campaign, so we could demonstrate the principles and power of viral video and have a lot of laughs doing it. After a fair bit of brainstorming, we decided on go carting with a difference. Mario Cart was celebrating its 20th anniversary, so we decided to dress up into teams of Mario and Luigi and produce a ‘Real Life Mario Cart’ video. We gained sponsorship from Kingston Park Raceway and Disguises Costume Hire, and then with our video concept in hand we headed out to the track for an incredibly fun day.


Once the video was produced and the post-production was complete, we had our video asset ready to launch. This is where the hard work really began and the viral video marketing got into full swing. We combined video advertising, outreach, video seeding and social engagement for maximum effect and it worked amazingly well. We ran the campaign with only a $400 paid advertising budget and generated over 20,000 views, plus we received great social engagement on Facebook with 106 likes, 83 comments and 53 shares.

Overall, the Mario Cart viral video campaign was extremely successful and a great culture building experience for the team. With a strong concept and creative, an effective video marketing strategy and lots of hard work, viral video campaigns allow you to tap into a potentially huge audience and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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