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Security and Maintenance

Security and Maintenance

Over 9 million websites were hacked in 2014. Forbes reported that 30,000 websites are hacked every day as result of out-dated software, poor hosting and no security. Website security right now is more important than ever.

You may have heard of website hacking, malware or viruses. Maybe you’ve already experienced their damage first hand and you’re looking for greater online protection. As a business owner, an attack on your website can have massive negative effects and cost you a fortune in repairs. Malware puts your customers at risk, it can cause all of part of your website to be deleted or altered, some functionality may stop working and it commonly causes severe damage to SEO campaigns. If your customers can’t trust your website, how are they expected to trust you?  Protecting your website against hacking and malware is now an essential business investment. Fortunately Media Heroes has the answer, offering extensive protection with the market-leading Hero Shield.

Hero Shield

Hero Shield for WordPress is an active security defence system for your website and includes all 6 of the major security defences to give your WordPress website truly market-leading protection. You can relax knowing your website is protected and will be kept up to date constantly to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

Security You Can Count On

Hero Shield

Protecting your website from hacks is very similar to protecting your home from thieves. The only difference is your website needs to be even more secure than your home, as criminals from around the world are trying to break in every day.

You need to make sure your locks are effective, then install security grilles, CCTV monitoring, alarms systems, 24/7 security monitoring, a first response team, and property insurance. Like protecting your property, no security system is 100% effective, but effective security discourages break-ins and with a good insurance policy, you can reduce any costs if a break in does occur.

There are 6 key elements to effective website security, which are all covered by the active security defence within Hero Shield.

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1. Constantly updating the website code

Constantly updating the website code – WordPress alone releases over 20 updates a year to the core code, plus different plugins and extensions are constantly being updated to counter known security threats. Keeping your website updated is now an essential first defence and is like shutting the doors and windows in your house – definitely a critical first step!

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2. Defences against password hacks

Some attacks will either try to hack your passwords, use phishing techniques or embed a virus on your local computer and infect your website when you login. These attacks focus on your admin logins, FTP or cPanel access amongst others and upload malware once they break in. This is like a criminal stealing your keys, breaking in when you’re at home or gaining the code to your alarm system, so they can walk right in.

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3. Defences against external attacks

These attacks can be extremely varied, but include attempts to exploit weakness in the website code, distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), search engine poisoning attacks (SEP), plus many more. These attacks are similar to the traditional home break-ins.

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4. Security monitoring

Knowing your website is under threat is essential, so we can take action immediately. The Hero Shield uses a database of known malware updated everyday, plus a range of tools that monitor your website 24/7 for any threats or attacks. This is like installing CCTV cameras and the latest alarm systems for your home.

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5. Fast response and damage control

This stage of your security defence is only used if an attack is successful or in progress. This includes quarantining malware or damaged files, suspending website access, malware removal, site clean ups and website blacklist removal. This is similar to sending around the police when the alarms are triggered and a break in is in progress, so we can stop the crime as quickly as possible.

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6. Rollbacks to recover damaged files

If a hack is successful, it can cause damage to your website by infecting core files and attempting to hide in the code of your website, so it can strike later. This can occur even with the best security, so we need a solution. In these cases, repairing the code is prohibitively complex, so we instead roll back to a version of the site from a back up 24 hours before the hack had occurred, so your site is completely clean. This is like your contents and property insurance and allows us to replace any damaged items.

What About Hack Repairs Or Ad Hoc Updates?

Media Heroes definitely offers these ad hoc services too! Some business owners may choose not to activate Hero Shield and instead take their chances. When your site stops working, you become aware of out-of-date code, or malware/viruses are discovered, then you can take advantage or our hack repair services and/or perform all the available updates at that time.

The problem with this approach is that although the immediate issues can be tackled, this is a ‘fix on fail’ approach and carries a lot more risk. Sometimes the damage to your site can be extensive, your organic rankings can be severely affected and in some cases the hackers will simply re-target your site, as they know it isn’t fully protected.

However, if all you wish to do is perform ad hoc updates or tackle malware and viruses as they occur, then we can certainly help you.

Hero Shield

You've discovered malware or viruses within your website, so you need to take immediate action. The longer you leave the problem unresolved, the more damage the infection can cause and the more it could cost you. In extreme cases untreated malware and viruses can cause irreversible damage to your website, so take action now. We recommend upgrading to the 'WP Intensive Care' service, as this also includes security updates to WordPress to reduce re-infections. The 'Hero Shield' is the ultimate protection, as this includes active defences and ongoing updates, so please call our team to discuss your options. However, if you simply wish to remove the immediate threat, the 'WP Infection Removal' will remove all discovered malware and viruses from your website.

    • WordPress Infection Removal

      Single Malware / Virus Infection Removal For WordPress
      FROM $ 500 + GST
      • Site Quarantined Until Resolution
      • Manual Malware & Virus Scans
      • Malware & Virus Removal
      • Rollback To Clean Backup Version (If Available)

      The price for this service can vary depending on the build of your website and the availability of a clean rollback. If you wish to gain an accurate quote for your website, please click on the 'WP Infection Removal Quote' button.

Hero Shield

Is your website more than 6 months old? If you haven’t discovered any malware or viruses, but you wish to do a precautionary WordPress update for added security protection, then this product is for you! If you wish to have ongoing proection and regular updates, please refer to the Hero Shield. WordPress release over 20 updates per year, so updates should be done every 3-6 months to lower your security risks. Our single WordPress update service provides the minimum security protection and we recommend you request this at least twice a year to stay ahead of the hackers.

    • WordPress Update

      Single Security Update For WordPress Sites
      FROM $ 1000 + GST
      • WordPress Core Single Update
      • WordPress Theme / Plugin Single Update

      The price for this service can vary depending on the build of your website. If you wish to gain an accurate quote for your website, please click on the 'WP Update Quote' button.

Hero Shield

If you’ve discovered malware or viruses within your website the first step is to remove the malware or virus. If the infection has damaged files within the website, we can rollback the site to the most recent clean version (if available). If you stop there, there's a high chance of immediate re-infection, so the WordPress Intensive Care product also includes a single update to your WordPress installation. This addresses the immediate issues and gives a small temporary security boost, but doesn’t provide any ongoing protection, unless you also select the Hero Shield.

    • WordPress Intensive Care

      WordPress Infection Removal + WordPress Update
      FROM $ 1500 + GST
      • WordPress Core Single Update
      • WordPress Theme / Plugin Single Update
      • Site Quarantined Until Resolution
      • Manual Malware & Virus Scans
      • Malware & Virus Removal
      • Rollback To Clean Backup Version (If Available)

      The price for this service can vary depending on the build of your website and the availability of a clean rollback. If you wish to gain an accurate quote for your website, please click on the 'WP Intensive Care Quote' button.