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Should you be blogging for your business?

You’ve no doubt noticed the trend for businesses to publish a wide range of articles online, so should you be blogging for your business?? Going beyond just describing their products or services, business websites increasingly cover everything from how-tos to informative news and even guides for making money. You see, a business that blogs is a business that is making its mark online and setting itself up as a knowledgeable and reliable go-to source.

Should you be blogging for your business? Yes, without a doubt. But if you think you need a little more convincing and are not really sure how you can benefit, read on.

Benefits to blogging

There are myriad benefits a business can reap by sharing content online; particularly content that is unique, on brand and relevant to their audience.

SEO value

Firstly there’s the SEO performance value. When content is new, fresh and tailored around keywords that best represent your business, your website has a greater chance of being visible to those searching online for an answer. Blogging allows you to grow your domain authority and get traffic to your website naturally, for free.

Social media reach

We live in a world where social media is the norm when it comes to sharing products and ideas. Everyone loves to share content online that they find amusing or interesting. When you blog, and your content ticks all the right boxes, your audience will freely share your articles across a wide range of networks; whether it be via Facebook to their friends or LinkedIn to their colleagues. Getting click through from social media is exciting, free advertising and one of the easiest ways to capture a new audience.

Establishing yourself as an expert

Not everything you read online should be taken as truth; however one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise in your industry or niche is to let the world know you exist and share your knowledge.

Don’t be the world’s best-kept secret. Make yourself an industry leader and share advice with everyone from your loyal clients to those who are simply seeking an answer from Google. You’ll be growing your reputation and enhancing your brand as you go.

What’s more, blogging allows you to give back without always wanting something in return. Just like an author who publishes a book and becomes credible in their field, blogging for your business will do the same, but online.

Gain customers and make sales

Whilst not every article or blog you publish needs to be a sales pitch, cleverly worded content has a way of engaging its audience by showing them that you can relate to their problem or concern and offering them a solution.

By letting them in on the secrets behind your brand, you’ll find you will be engaging readers in a whole new way.

The solution you offer may be to read another blog post you’ve published, or contact you for a free, no obligation quote. You might even link directly to a product that really is going to solve their problem, but first you’ll have offered them some worthwhile information rather than an obvious sales pitch.

Funnelling leads to money pages is just one of the positives to blogging and an effective way to capture a new audience and keep them coming back. As long as you mix things up and throw in a more obvious sales pitch only every now and then, you’ll go a long way to capturing a loyal audience and clientele.

Seeking inspiration

There is no denying that coming up with regular ideas for blog posts can be hard. You’ll start off with a whole host of awesome inspirational stories, a range of hints, tips and must have recommendations and then your creative juices may dry up. Never fear, there are plenty of ways to reignite your ideas-bank.

Sign up to Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free online notification tool that lets you monitor the Internet for new and interesting content fast. Tell it what you want to keep your eye on and as soon as something new happens in your field, you’ll receive an alert or email. Use these notifications to your advantage. Jump onto a hot trending topic, publish a counter argument or put your own thoughts into words and share with your audience the latest news to hand.

Ask your staff for input

Believe it or not, your employees will thrive on being involved in blogging for your business. Getting staff involved in helping to market your brand is great for morale, builds confidence and overall you’ll be collaborating on a joint venture for the better of the business. It really is a win-win opportunity.

Keep a camera and notebook by your side

Inspiration comes from all angles and sometimes when you least expect it. By equipping yourself with a notebook and camera (or at least making sure they are handy) you’ll be able to snap a photo, scribble a quote or write down one of those light bulb ideas no matter where you are.

Blogging for your business places you head and shoulders above the rest and sets you apart from your competition. Make your business the first business people turn to for information; establish yourself as the go-to company for the latest products and services.

Blogging regularly and consistently is time consuming and can be tough once the blogging-moon wears off. If you are short on time, lacking inspiration or simply struggling to put your ideas into words, chat to Media Heroes.

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