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Invest in content that captures your customers’ attention and powers your inbound marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Invest in content that captures your customers’ attention and powers your inbound marketing

Content marketing is about producing engaging content that your audience loves. This makes you more reliable and trustworthy, and encourages people to buy from you. It also does wonders for your SEO, and provides genuine value to share through email and social marketing.

As your content marketing agency, we’ll identify the content types and topics that will draw people into your sphere. Then we’ll create the content for you, optimise it for high Google rankings, and distribute it across your key marketing channels. 

Every company has different goals and audiences, so we create a customised content marketing strategy for every one of them, in the form of a content calendar. This includes the most lucrative content topics, the keywords being targeted, and the return on investment. 

As we implement our strategy, producing regular high-traffic content that appeals to your audience, your visitors, SEO, and brand awareness will soar. And when someone consumes enough high-quality, free content from you, they will see you as a company who knows their stuff, and are much more likely to become a customer.

A content marketing strategy that wins customers

Understanding content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a technique that focuses on creating and distributing engaging educational content for your customers. This is used to attract lots of new visitors to your website, which sends positive user signals to search engines and social platforms, and can vastly improve your rankings. Well-researched content will also demonstrate your expertise to the world, which helps to build a strong level of trust, and a higher chance of people buying your products or services.

Content marketing differs drastically from traditional forms of marketing like advertising, because you’re giving something valuable up front, not asking for something valuable up front. For example, in content marketing, you might create a series of practical, useful blogs for your readers that they can access on your website for free. This is truly valuable information that can help them to solve their problems. It’s content that they want.

By contrast, in advertising you are asking for them to provide something valuable upfront—their money, email address, or personal information. You aren’t providing any useful content or any other value, you’re just showing them an advert and asking them to commit. You could say this is intrusive content that they don’t want. Of course, advertising can provide tremendous results when done properly. It’s just that content marketing changes the game completely by giving people valuable content for free. Give them enough, and they’ll start to trust and respect your business, which can eventually lead to a sale. It’s all about the long game—winning them over little by little until they realise how awesome your company is.

From the perspective of the buyer journey, high quality content can help with every stage of the process. Here’s an example of how it can guide a customer through a process:

1. Awareness Stage: somebody is shopping for a service, and they find a related article that you wrote about it through Google. They are aware of your company for the first time.

2. Research Stage: they find your article useful, and decide to read some others. They also browse through your website to see which services you offer. They are impressed with what they read because it’s all adding to their knowledge and helping them to make a decision.

3. Consideration stage: your services are now officially a consideration for the person, and they start comparing your offerings to your competitors. Your content is much more comprehensive than everyone else, and helps to answer their most critical questions.

4. Buy: they decide to go with your company because your content has given them confidence. They have been able to read high quality website content, blogs, and have watched a couple of your videos—more than enough to tell them that you know your stuff.

We’re a content marketing agency that delivers

We provide content marketing for most of our clients, and it produces results for every one of them. Here are some examples of the kind of results we can achieve for your business over a 6-month period:

Effective Marketing
Effective Marketing

The most cost-effective marketing. Period.

Creating quality content is hard, but with the right strategy and approach, and with enough dedication, it’s the most profitable type of marketing you can do. Exceptional content takes time and effort, and your audience appreciates it more than any other type of marketing. What would you rather read: a promotional email, or a highly-educational blog on a topic that matters to you? By providing value and genuinely helping your prospects and customers, you’ll create a consistent stream of sales to power the growth of your business.


Find out how to get more sales with content marketing

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Content Marketing Services

Our content marketing services

There’s lots of ways to create valuable content. These are the types that we’ve found to resonate most with customers.

Content Marketing Services

Our blog content marketing process

Content Marketing Planning

What goes into our content marketing plans

Good quality content is crucial for your business. It helps to attract the right audience, tells them what you do, helps to solve their problems, and delights them along the way. That’s why it’s the foundation of our marketing strategies, and is baked into every key component.

Our skilled team of content marketers can write your content for you in its entirety, or work with you to produce content that performs. The most important thing is achieving good results. We also repurpose content into different forms to make them more effective for different platforms.

Here’s are some common elements of our content marketing plans:

Website Redesign

If we are completing a website redesign as part of your marketing strategy, we will include the following in our content marketing plan:

Website structure and navigation—the structure of your website will determine how easily people can find information about your business. We will chat with you to learn how your business functions, and then complete keyword research to identify the terms and phrases that people use in relation to the business. This allows us to create a page structure and navigation system that makes intuitive sense to people, which vastly improves the user’s experience as well as the website’s SEO performance.

Onsite content—as part of the website’s structure, we decide which pages should be included in your website, and identify the SEO keywords that will attract your most profitable target audience. These pages have two primary purposes: to teach people about your business and the products or services you provide, and to persuade them to buy from you. We usually write the content for most of these pages, although we can also use content from your previous website if needed.


Blogs are one of the most effective ways to boost long-term SEO for a website, so we often include them in our ongoing SEO campaigns. We create six-monthly content calendars with topics that have a good potential for traffic, and help to bring relevant customers to your website. When the content calendar is done, we analyse its performance and use that information to refine the following calendar. We also make improvements to individual blogs from the previous calendar, if it will yield results.

In addition to blogs, we might also include eBooks, infographics, and other forms of monthly content. Every calendar is created with the intention of providing the best possible results for your business, so we select the content that is most suitable for doing so.

Social Media

Social media is only effective if you consistently share good content, which is why we create separate six-monthly social content calendars that describe exactly what is going to be shared. This includes whether the content is original or curated, the type of content (blogs, videos, images, etc.), which platforms the content will be published on, and when the content will be published. This gives us a clear overarching plan that will help us to achieve your social media goals, as well as your broader business goals.

Email Marketing

Email remains a highly effective form of marketing, but only works with high quality content. We are experts in crafting enticing subject lines, persuasive body copy, and call-to-actions that inspire people to click. Whether you’re wanting to promote a particular product or service, a special offer, or some of your valuable content, we can create email marketing campaigns that hit the mark.


Adverts don’t work without persuasive copy. The headline needs to draw people in, addressing a core need and spurring them to action. That’s why our writers spend time crafting convincing headlines and copy for adverts, even producing two or three versions that can be split tested against each other to determine the best.