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We create social ads that reach thousands of people in your target audience, and generate high-quality leads for your business.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Boost your audience, leads, and sales with powerful social ads

Social adverts can be a huge source of growth, but it’s also easy to waste your budget unless you know what you’re doing. We’ve created hundreds of ads over the years, so we know what works and what doesn’t. With our skills and experience, we can create high-performing social ads that utilise the platform’s powerful audience targeting tools to hone in on the people you want to reach, using data such as their interests, demographics, and how they interact with your business.

We can also create sub-audiences with unique adverts for each, to ensure that the messaging resonates. The result is an excellent return on your investment for every advert we create.

We use a combination of competitor analysis and keyword research to determine an advert’s targeting. Then our designers and writers work together to create your advert, which is passed onto your account manager to be published, managed, and monitored to ensure it’s achieving the desired goal. This goal could be driving traffic to your website, promoting a particular product or service, generating newsletter subscriptions, or something else crucial to the growth of your business.

We Make Paid Social Ads Work For You

UNDERSTANDING Social Media Advertising

What are paid social ads?

Paid social ads are adverts that appear on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They usually appear in the platform’s news feed, and are designed to look like natural organic results, but with a subtle “ad” label. This makes them highly effective, especially when combined with each platform’s powerful audience targeting. 

We use a combination of traffic ads to drive more visitors to your website, and lead flow ads to generate leads directly in the social media platform, without them having to visit your website.

When combined with other effective inbound marketing methods like SEO, content marketing, and regular social posts, we are able to achieve a powerful accumulative effect that gets your brand in front of many more people, and inspires them to action. Using social ads as part of a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy is an immensely powerful method to raise its efficiency, leading to a much stronger return on your investment.

Advert designs and locations vary from platform to platform, and include sponsored posts, story ads, product ads, carousel ads, and more. The type of advert you choose depends on the goal you’re trying to achieve.

UNDERSTANDING Social Media Advertising

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As a business leader, it’s easy to get lost on the web. There’s so many digital marketing techniques to learn, it’s tough to know which align best with your business goals

Get Your Brand Noticed
Get Your Brand Noticed

Get Your Brand In Front Of A Broader Audience

Millions of Australians use social media. By using the powerful targeting tools that each platform offers, you can reach those most suited to your products or services, and get your brand in front of more relevant people.

Audience targeting can be broad or precise, depending on the goals you’re trying to achieve. If we’re running a newsletter subscription campaign for you, we may target a broad audience that collects as many subscriptions as possible.

If you’re promoting a particular product that is best suited to a specific customer segment—like health-conscious men in their 30s—we will identify them through the platform’s targeting tools, and get the advert in front of them.

The exact precision of these tools is what makes them so potent—you can get your advert to exactly the right audience. Then you can combine them with a remarketing campaign so that the adverts “follow” people around, which increases their effectiveness even more.


Find Out How To Get More Visitors, Leads & Sales With Social Ads

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Driver by Data

Paid Social Management Driven By Data

We regularly analyse the data for your campaign to understand where to make improvements. This is a core part of our paid social management approach. We create great adverts using our expertise, and exceptional adverts by analysing their performance and optimising them.

We have the experience to know which metrics best describe the performance of your adverts. These include CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), CTR (click-through rate), goal conversions, and ROAS (return on ad spend), which we track diligently while the advert is running.

We complete thorough A/B testing to determine which ads have the highest conversion rate and we keep innovating and improving to ensure your social ads stay sharp, fresh, and keep generating results. When combined with our own insights and the machine learning capabilities of each social media platform’s advertising system, we are able to produce killer adverts that produce a high return on their investment.

Driver by Data

Types Of Social marketing Ads We Can Create