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Your website is a digital salesperson, and it should be exceptional at its job. Media Heroes is a web design agency that creates beautiful, SEO-rich websites with quality content. We combine gorgeous design, flawless user experience, and SEO optimization to create high quality websites that effortlessly promote your products and services.

Our websites are focused strongly on SEO, to ensure a high ranking for your target keywords. To achieve this, we complete thorough keyword research, create a logical, usable site structure, create relevant content that meets the needs of your users, and code the website with up-to-date SEO practices that are proven to help with ranking.

Design is central to our approach. Our skilled in-house designer will create an attractive and appealing mockup that best represents your company’s branding, and exhibits your professionalism. The website’s content and features are laid out in a way that makes sense to the user, intuitively guiding them to the information they need, and encouraging them to buy your products or services. This leads to high numbers of conversions for your business.

When it comes to the website’s development, we have a team of experienced programmers who build it from the ground up. Custom web development allows the website to be created with considerable freedom and flexibility, and most importantly, the coding can be optimised to ensure the website load speed is ultra fast. To create a lasting performance advantage, custom web development is an essential part of creating a highly competitive website. We specialise in WordPress web development for both lead generation and ecommerce websites, so we can create the ideal marketing foundation for any business or industry.

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Web Design & Development

Why Choose Custom Web Design & Development?

When talking about website design as a whole, custom web design and development is a process where a website is built from the ground up, without the use of pre-made templates. This means every component of the website is planned, designed, and created with the most up-to-date practices, with a view to accomplish the unique needs of a business. This encompasses the following key areas:

  • SEO is baked into the website’s core, so that high rankings are achieved.
  • Content is researched and written specifically for the website’s target audience, giving them the information they need most.

  • The website’s design reflects and promotes the company’s branding.
  • Usability and conversions are given special attention, to ensure the website is easy to use, and guides the prospect towards call-to-actions.
  • Lean coding allows us to build websites using only the code that is necessary for it to function properly. This means our websites run at ultra fast speeds, creating an excellent experience for users, and boosting your rankings on search engines.

This approach to design ensures that your website performs at its very best, and is designed specifically to achieve the goals of your business.

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Slick Designs, Custom Development & Killer Content | A Web Development Company That Offers The Whole Package

We’ll take care of every part of your website’s design—its content, structure, design, and coding—so that it has the best possible chance of success. By nailing every vital element in a website’s design, we ensure that your website performs to its full potential, so you can race ahead of your competitors.

Developing a new site starts long before the actual design process. Your website must be designed around the needs and expectations of your customers, and to achieve this, we complete competitor and industry research to help us understand your ideal target market, and to gain inspiration.

We also become familiar with your buyer personas (or help you to create them), which allows us to see through the lens of your target customers, and helps to inform the colours, imagery, fonts, and language styles we use.

Creating a website design that looks appealing is easy, but creating an effective marketing and sales tool is a different matter. Our website design process starts by looking at your business objectives and the needs of your customers, along with the marketing strategies we’ll use to attract and convert website visitors. Our web design process starts with a consultation which helps us to clarify the role of your website in your marketing strategies, and how we can best appeal to your target market and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Your website is a foundation for your marketing, so taking the time to get this right at the start can have enormous benefits for you over the long term. The next stage is to create concept designs for the most important pages on your website to allow us to collaborate and share ideas.


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A Complete Web Design Service

Complete Web Design Services | Website Project Process

We start every project by understanding what your business needs, and how your website supports your overall digital strategy. The majority of our website projects are new website builds, however, in some cases the best approach is to retrofit and enhance an existing website. 

Our aim is to give you the best return from your website investment and to create the right website foundations to your long-term success. Our web design services include everything you could need from strategy and branding, right through to the completed website and the implementation of any inbound marketing campaigns. 

Step 1: Website Planning

We will complete comprehensive research of your business, to discover your goals, competition, challenges, and the customer segments you are targeting. This shared knowledge allows us to identify the best possible opportunities for your digital marketing strategy, and helps us to create a website that helps you accomplish your business goals.

We recommend a selection of campaign options for your website design, explain the performance of each, and how they will affect your website structure, functionality, onsite content, user experience, customer targeting, and the design. This gives you full visibility of your options, so you can make the best decision based on your budget.

Step 2: Creative Design Concepts

Your designer will find inspirational websites that match (or enhance) your branding, and share a few other design ideas with you. They’ll request your brand assets, or if we’re rebranding for you, we’ll work together to create a style guide that outlines your branding in full.

Once your web designer is confident about the direction of your design, they will create a custom concept (or mockup) design for your homepage, which you can provide feedback on, and request changes. Once you’re happy with your homepage, they will move forward with any other pages we’re custom designing for you, which will go through the same feedback process. This is a creative and enjoyable phase of the process where you input is essential in creating a winning design that you’re happy with.

Step 3: Onsite Content

Your content writer will research your business to understand it a little better, and then call you for a chat about the content for each page. It’s crucial that they understand the needs of your target audience, as this allows them to write effective copy that converts customers, so they will ask a variety of questions to find this information.

The number of pages and the length of content is set out in your sitemap—a core part of your overall strategy. The content is planned carefully to fit into each page template, while being worked on by your designer at the same time, so the two collaborate to produce the best possible result. 

Once the first drafts of content are completed, your writer will send them to you for feedback, and make any necessary changes. Our goal is to have all of the content written in time for the website’s development, which helps to keep the project moving forward and our deadlines achievable.

Step 4: Web Development + Build

The approved designs and content mean that we can get started on your new website. Our team starts by creating a development version of the site, starting with the homepage, headers and footers, and styling. Then they move onto the other pages, before building in any custom functionality such as reviews, project galleries, and ecommerce features. We tend to use a combination of plugins, custom code, and integrations to create the desired functionality.

The website will be 100% responsive, and will work perfectly on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. We also have a strong focus on load speeds, and consistently test every page to keep it lightning fast. This has a big effect on user experience and SEO, so is vital for us.

Step 5: Quality Testing + Website Launch

With your website coded, we work through a rigorous testing process to ensure that it’s working well. This includes testing Core Web Vitals to satisfy Google, browser and device testing to check that it’s working well in popular systems, and running through every piece of functionality. Once completed, we will share the website with you for your final feedback, and if you’re happy, start preparing for its launch, which includes setting up redirects from your old website to preserve existing rankings.

When the site is launched, we complete another round of tests and make any necessary improvements. As part of the handover, we will run through the basics of updating your website’s content in WordPress, and teach you where everything is kept. This includes a list of easy-to-follow instructions in case you get stuck. And of course, we can always help out with any support bits if you need.

Finally, your campaign manager will introduce themselves as your point of contact going forward. They will be overseeing your business growth strategies, and reporting our results to you on a regular basis.