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As official HubSpot partners, we can automate your key marketing and sales processes, and free up your time for more important tasks.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Save time & money by putting tasks on autopilot

Automate your marketing, emails, and social marketing with HubSpot. This frees up huge amounts of time, and allows your team to focus on converting leads, marketing your company, and growing your business. Once marketing automation is operating smoothly, we can add sales and service automation to increase efficiency even further. 

As an experienced marketing automation agency, we know which processes are best to automate in order to save you the maximum amount of time. This includes email responses for your sales, support, and marketing teams, scheduled social posts across every platform at once, smart customer organisation, and automatic appointment scheduling.

The possibilities are vast with automation, and every minute saved is time that your staff can spend on valuable creative work. They’ll love you for it!

As one of the foremost inbound marketing specialists for HubSpot, and an official HubSpot partner, we can help you get the most from this best-in-class CRM.

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Understanding Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using software to automate your repetitive marketing and sales tasks, to free up time for other work. Typical tasks that can be automated include marketing emails, sales emails, social media posts, advertising campaigns, customer engagement (such as getting customer feedback), and categorising customers.

Marketing automation software allows you to map out common processes, with logical if/then choices that determine what should happen. For example, if a customer signs up to your monthly newsletter, a marketing automation process can be set up to automatically thank them, set them up for future editions, and give them helpful information like links to recent customer issues.

Or from a sales perspective, someone who requests a meeting with your sales rep but doesn’t turn up can be automatically reminded to schedule an alternative date. You can even track potential customers using a lead scoring system and send an email to your sales team as soon as the prospect is ready to buy. This allows you to reach out at exactly the right time. 

Automation possibilities are immense, saving your company thousands of hours and dollars. At Media Heroes, we start by discovering how to make your marketing and sales more efficient, then gradually add more processes over time to raise your efficiency. By saving only 10 hours a week from repetitive tasks, this amounts to more than 500 hours a year, which can save the average business more than $20,000 per annum in labour costs. Even small time savings can save huge amounts of money, all while improving the customer experience and boosting sales. Marketing automation is a winning strategy for most growing businesses.

Understanding Marketing Automation

Get more lead & sales with HubSpot automation

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Our Marketing Automation
Our Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tasks can save days, weeks & months across your business

HubSpot’s powerful automation tools allow you to improve the following areas of your business.

Understanding HubSpot

How marketing automation works in HubSpot

HubSpot has two main features for automation—Workflows, and Sequences.

Understanding HubSpot