Case Study


Hughes is Australia’s oldest and largest chauffeur service, with a rich history dating back to the start of the 20th century. Their exceptional infrastructure and service have made them a major force across Australia, becoming the preferred chauffeur service for airlines, business travellers, and educational institutions.

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The Challenges

Hughes was already servicing every major city in Australia, but their marketing investment was stagnant for a long time, and their previous marketing agency didn’t focus on metrics that were meaningful for growth. They also had separate strategies and campaigns for individual cities, which needed to be consolidated to be more effective.

With a strong foundation already in place, including excellent infrastructure to provide a great experience for their clients, they needed a new marketing strategy that would build on their strengths, unify their efforts, and push them to greater heights.

The Solution

The main focus for this strategy was to unlock the potential for organic rankings and website traffic on a national level. We achieved this by retrofitting their existing website to improve its ranking potential, and combined it with a selection of effective SEO campaigns that included popular blogs, and “destination” pages that gave people key information about popular journeys from airports to cities. This two-punch combo gave the website a massive rankings lift, and Hughes is now sitting at the number one spot in Google for their most highly valuable keywords.

We also completed a number of other important changes for Hughes. We modernised their branding by improving their logo and marketing collateral, improved the usability of their mobile app and customer portals, and increased the efficiency of their day-to-day marketing using HubSpot’s automation tools. This is in addition to a number of small design projects and SEO improvements over the years that are too numerous to mention.

We have been an effective marketing partner with Hughes for many years, and are proud to have turned them into an industry leader in every market we have targeted, turning them into a dominant force across the entirety of Australia.

Solution Provided

Web design and development

A well-built, SEO-optimised website can be the difference between a business ranking or not ranking, which is why web design is at the heart of our growth strategies. For Hughes, we completed extensive keyword and customer research to identify the most logical page structure for the website, wrote optimised content for the major pages, and ensured that the website met the strictest technical SEO standards. This is a leading reason why Hughes climbed above every Australian competitor for their biggest keywords.

Brand creation

We’ve helped Hughes with a variety of branding work over the years, including the following projects:

  • Designed their mobile app and client portal where customers can manage bookings
  • Designed a Customer Service Manual, Client Handbook, and Chauffeur standards Manual
  • Refined their logo
  • Brochure for vehicle seat pockets
  • Wrote and designed a lead magnet eBook
  • Designed professional email signatures
  • Designed EDM campaigns


These ongoing projects have helped to strengthen Hughes’ excellent brand image, and provided their customers with a number of resources that are integral to the business.

SEO and content marketing

95,000 organic visitors in 12 months

To boost the performance of the new website, we completed a monthly SEO/content marketing campaign that included a 1,500-word blog, and content calendars every six months with topics that would attract plenty of visitors to the website. This slow and steady campaign has resulted in almost 100,000 unique annual visitors to Hughes’ blog and website, which continues to rise each month, and will do so for as long as the campaign runs.

Social Media Marketing

⅓ of the advertising costs compared to the average on Facebook

As a chauffeur service, Hughes needs a team of high quality drivers for every city that they operate in across Australia. Finding these drivers proved to be expensive through traditional methods like Seek, so we created a Facebook ad campaign to precisely target their desired audience, and encourage them to apply for the job. The campaign was incredibly successful, and still runs today, getting a cost per lead of just $8.

Marketing Automation

To improve the efficiency of Hughes’ marketing, we set up HubSpot for them. Specifically, we did the following:

1. We moved their blog over to HubSpot, making it much easier for them to upload, update, and track the performance of their blogs
2. We taught them how to use HubSpot’s social media feature, which allows them to post to every one of their channels from a single place, without repeating the work across each platform. They can also track every stat in HubSpot too, making analysis much easier.