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Creative storytelling through video is a powerful brand building and conversion tool. Talk to the best video production Brisbane team to bring your story to life!

Video content is the most effective method of communicating with your customers and motivating them to take action. Create an emotional connection with your audience in seconds and convert this into the goals you want to achieve. Is your brand fighting for attention and getting lost in the noise? Need to enhance your website conversion rate? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Everyone has a story to tell, so discover yours.

Media Heroes offers exceptional video marketing solutions covering video strategy, concept development, video production, right through to distribution and digital marketing. If you’ve been searching online for ‘Video Production Brisbane’ or ‘Corporate Video Production Brisbane‘, you’ve found the experts. We’ll help you discover your story and once we develop the right creative, we can help you reach your target audience and generate results. We specialise in Brisbane video production for small and medium businesses, so you can integrate video marketing into your wider digital marketing strategy. Our goal is to create incredible video content that enhances your brand, connects with your customers and boosts your digital marketing performance. If you’re looking for results and you want to know how video production could help your business, start by booking a FREE Discovery Session with one of our Brisbane video production experts.

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Video Marketing Solutions

Corporate Video Production Brisbane

Deciding you need a video is the first step, but what do you do next? The Media Heroes Brisbane corporate video production team makes it easy. Our videographers, producers and editors are the leading talents in Brisbane, plus we’re really nice people. Creating a successful video starts by understanding what you’re trying to achieve and setting clear measures and goals.

Producing a video and simply hoping people will watch it is a recipe for disappointment, so always start with the end in mind. Our team provides the insights to save you time and money by asking you the right questions and giving your clear and simple options. By focusing on the goals for your video campaign, we can easily recommend the right type of video for your needs, create an amazing visual product and get your video in front of the right audience.

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The Hero Video Marketing Process

Brisbane Video Production

It’s all too common for Brisbane video production companies and digital marketing agencies to be separate entities. Unfortunately, this can result in videos that are not nearly as effective as they should be, as they lack any strategic coordination.

Media Heroes understands the value of combining video production with our extensive digital marketing capabilities, so we can maximise the value of your investment. We follow a proven process that includes every aspect of the video marketing lifecycle and ensures your video will generate the best possible return on investment for your business.

Corporate Video Production Brisbane - Strategy - Media Heroes

1. Video Marketing Strategy

Our initial Discovery Session allows us to understand your business and the potential impact we can achieve through video marketing. Once we commence the project, we can extend this further through competitive and market research, customer analysis, and campaign planning.

Corporate Video Production Brisbane - Creative - Media Heroes

2. Creative

The stage is all about developing and planning the video production, also know as pre-production. This stage is a lot of fun and allows us to share ideas, use our imagination and develop the video concepts. This includes script writing, story boarding, talent sourcing and visual planning.

Video Production Brisbane - Filming Editing - Media Heroes

3. Video Production

Lights, camera, action! Whether we’re filming on location or within the studio, this is where everything comes together. Although many people think of video production as the end-to-end process, in reality, this is just the specific stage where the video is filmed and edited. You have a producer and film crew on the day, and then the project is passed through to our editing team for their polish and creative magic. This includes graphics and transitions, 2D and 3D animation, colour adjustments and sound levelling.

Video Production Brisbane - Publishing - Media Heroes

4. Video Publishing

This stage includes simple video uploads through to adding video interactivity and optimising videos for the greatest SEO impact. Although most of our videos are published online, our experienced team can also look after TVC and cinema delivery for larger campaigns.

Brisbane Video Production - Distribution - Media Heroes

5. Video Distribution

This is where we connect your videos with your target audience. This commonly includes Facebook Video Ads, Facebook engagement, YouTube Advertising, Remarketing and a range of other PPC Advertising and paid placements. In addition, some campaigns will use influencer outreach together with online and offline media buying. This is an essential part of the video marketing process and is the key to getting the most from your campaign.

Brisbane Video Production - Campaign - Media Heroes

6. Video Campaign Measurement

Having the right goals in place and measuring your success is essential to allow us to refine your video marketing campaign and to find opportunities for optimisation and improvement. We provide campaign reporting, performance measures and digital consulting expertise to help you maximise to results from your investment. If your video marketing forms part of a wider digital marketing campaign, you’ll gain extra benefits from our integrated approach to your marketing success.

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Video Production Questions

At the end of the creative stage, we’ll confirm the video concept, shot planning, locations, scripts, music beds, talent and a host of other details – this is the first approval stage, so do make sure you’re clear about the plan ahead. The editing process is where we turn the raw footage into a seamless video production. Once we complete the draft video edit, our standard project scope includes one round of amendments. We’ll send the draft video edit to you for comments and changes, so we can incorporate your feedback into the final cut. It’s really important that you love your final video production and our process is designed, so we get this right the first time for you. However, if you need additional rounds of editing or other out of scope changes, simply discuss this with your Brisbane video production team and we’d be happy to organise this for you.

This is super common question, so you’re not alone! The recommended video length depends on its purpose, the message, and how engaging it is, so there’s no single answer. If in doubt, short, sweet and punchy is always better! As a rule of thumb, most corporate video production projects should be around 1-2 minutes. It’s good to remember that as the length of a video increases, less and less viewers will make it all the way to the end, which is typically where your calls to action are. Therefore, shorter videos normally have a better conversion rate.

Video duration doesn’t have a linear relationship with the cost of video production, so often a 30 second video will cost the same as a 2 minute video, although this does depend on the type of video and the impact on filming and editing. For example, a 2D animated video is all produced within the editing team, so the length of these videos has a big impact on the final cost. If you’re comparing quotes, don’t be fooled by Brisbane video production companies offering longer videos as better value, as the focus should be on the video marketing goals.

This really depends on whether you have someone suitable within your company and on the type of video you’re producing. If you’re filming a testimonial video, then you certainly need your customers in the video and someone from your company would normally interview them. If you’re doing a video blog, then once again it’s natural to be in this yourself or use someone from your company, as this is about demonstrating your knowledge.

With promotional videos, it’s a bit less clear-cut, as it depends on the video concept and it’s more common to use talent in these circumstances. The best advice is to think about the type of video and the video concept and discuss this with your producer, so they can advise your what’s likely to achieve the best result.

You sure can! We do need to ensure the film quality, lighting and sound are all suitable to get a good final product, but this is definitely possible and would certainly lower the cost to produce your video blogs. Your minimum set up would include a smart phone (with a high resolution camera), tripod, external microphone, and decent lighting, so you really don’t need that much to get started. If you’re filming a promotional video, we don’t recommend trying this yourself, but it works fine for video blogs.

Once we receive the raw files, we can then add pre and post rolls, on screen graphics and complete some basic sound levels and colour adjustments to make the finished product look much more polished. This method is becoming more popular, although most people still elect to film their video blogs in batches either within our studios or at their location, so we can look after everything for you. If you’re unsure what’s best for you, give the Media Heroes Brisbane video production team a call on 1800 464 376 and we can discuss your options in more detail.

The normal turnaround time for final video production is typically around 4 weeks. However, this does vary depending on the complexity of the video project, the availability of talent and our existing bookings. If you have specific deadlines for a video project we definitely recommend discussing these with us straight away, as this may impact on our planning and we’ll always do what we can to accommodate you. If your video production is part of a full video marketing campaign, we may need to spend more time on the strategy and creative stages, so in this case, we wouldn’t want to rush into production. The best advice is to call the Media Heroes Brisbane video production team or book in a FREE Discovery Session and we can discuss your needs, outline the schedule of work and confirm the timelines.

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