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We create attractive, high-performing websites to appeal directly to your ideal target audience. Our Brisbane web design team balances aesthetics, custom coding, quality content and functionality to build the foundations for your marketing success.

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We create high-performing websites that turn leads into customers

We are a leading Brisbane web design company creating quality custom websites with high conversion rates. Your website is your most important marketing asset and the basis for attracting and converting new customers. Exceptional website design, lean coding through the web development process and quality onsite content are key foundations for your success. Our websites are created with the foundations for ranking success baked into the code, so when you combine your new website with our SEO campaigns, you have the ideal recipe for your long-term success. When users arrive at your website, we create an intuitive structure allowing them to easily find the information they need, and the elegant design gives them the confidence to make an enquiry. The result is more leads and more sales for your business.

The web design process aims to bring your brand to life and create an instant connection with your potential customers. Effective web design makes a strong first impression and then draws the users into the website through engagement with images, movement and content, appealing directly to their wants and needs. Website design goes beyond the obvious visual impression and aims to communicate brand values while encouraging users to explore and engage with your website, ultimately leading them towards a conversion goal.

The web development component will determine the performance of your website. Custom web development allows a website to be created with considerable freedom and flexibility and most importantly, the coding can be optimised to ensure the website load speed is fast while creating the best user experience. To create a lasting performance advantage, custom web development is an essential part of creating a highly competitive website. We specialise in WordPress web development, for both lead generation and ecommerce websites, so we can create the ideal marketing foundation for any business or industry.

At Media Heroes, we’re much more than a leading Brisbane web design company. We look at your digital marketing as a whole and develop highly effective digital strategies to make you money. Your website is the centre of your marketing and absolutely crucial to your success, so it’s essential to get this right. We design and build websites that not only look amazing, but they’re designed to maximise conversions and deliver lasting results. If you’re looking for great web design and a leading digital team to help you grow your business, then let’s talk. Start your journey with us by getting in touch, so you can speak with one of our Brisbane website design consultants.

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The process of creating custom web design and development means your website is built from the ground up, without using pre-made templates or out-of-the-box code. Every component is planned, designed, and created using the most modern and effective practices, which leads to a website that is fast, SEO-friendly, and highly usable. When websites use pre-existing code, feature-packed themes and design templates, they are ‘code-heavy’ which slows down the load speed and hurts the performance of your website, meaning fewer leads and sales. Our approach means there is more work involved, but the end result is a website that is created exactly for your needs and it can outperform your competitors, so it pays for itself many times over. By investing in custom web design and development, you end up with much stronger foundations for your marketing and the maximum growth potential for your business.

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We go beyond the design to create the right foundations for your online marketing success. Start your enquiry today, so we can answer your initial questions and organise an introductory meeting to begin exploring your business needs and to outline how you can get the best from your new website design. Get in touch today to find out how we can work together to increase your revenue and growth.

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Overview Of Our Web Development Process

When the Media Heroes team completes the planning, design and build of your website, we go well beyond the visual design. While having a highly engaging design is essential, design alone is not enough. The user experience, conversion rate, communication role and organic ranking foundations all need to be incorporated into your website to produce the best long-term results for your business. 

At Media Heroes, we ensure all the elements within your website are working at their best to help your business create a significant advantage over your competitors. As a leading web development Brisbane agency, we have a proven methodology to design, develop and launch your new website so you can maximise the returns on your investment.

Step 1: Website Planning

We invest the time to complete a thorough briefing of your business and to explore your goals, customer segments, competitors and challenges together. This shared knowledge helps us to identify the right opportunities for your digital strategy, allowing us to plan your website development as part of the bigger picture for your success. We map out the options for your campaigns and what impact this will have on your website structure, functionality, onsite content, desired user experience, customer targeting and web design, so you can assess all of your options from the beginning.

Step 2: Creative Design Concepts

The web design process starts with your Brisbane web designer researching inspiration websites and sharing a few ideas with you. They’ll ask for your brand assets, or if we’re rebranding, we’ll work with you to create a logo or a complete style guide. Once your web designer is confident about the direction of your design, they’ll create a custom concept design for your homepage. You have the opportunity to share feedback and this is where most of the major changes are made to your website design. Once your homepage is confirmed, your web designer can start working on the other page templates, so normally there will be several web design concepts to view before the web development stages commence. This is a really creative and enjoyable phase of the process and gaining your input early on is really important.

Step 3: Onsite Content

Your content writer will research your business to understand it a little better, and then call you for a chat about the content for each page. It’s crucial that they understand the needs of your target audience, as this allows them to write effective copy that converts customers, so they will ask a variety of questions to find this information.

The number of pages and the length of content is set out in your sitemap—a core part of your overall strategy. The content is planned carefully to fit into each page template while being worked on by your designer at the same time, so the two collaborate to produce the best possible result. 

Once the first drafts of content are completed, your writer will send them to you for feedback and make any necessary changes. Our goal is to have all of the content written in time for the website’s development, which helps to keep the project moving forward and our deadlines achievable.

Step 4: Web Development & Build

The approved webpage designs can now be coded and combined with your approved onsite content to create your new website. Our team starts by creating a development version of the new website, so we can create everything in a pre-launch development environment. The web development starts with the homepage, headers and footers and universal styling, followed by any other approved page templates. If we’re building custom functionality into your website, such as reviews, project galleries, and ecommerce features, we’ll use a combination of plugins, integrations, and custom code to create the best solution. 

All pages from the sitemap will be created and styled with the approved content and imagery, so the build can be completed according to the agreed scope of work. The coding is developed responsively so versions of the website for different screen sizes and orientations are created from the start. We have a big focus on load performance to ensure our websites are fast and can provide the best user experience.

Step 5: Quality Testing & Website Launch

We go through a meticulous testing process to ensure that your website is working well. This includes testing core web vitals, ensuring the site works on various browsers and devices, and that the functionality is working as expected. Once done, we’ll share a development version of the site for your final feedback, before preparing the website for launch. As part of the launch process, our specialist SEO team will complete any redirections to preserve your existing rankings. 

Once the site is live, we will conduct another round of post-launch checks in conjunction with you to pick up any additional improvements to the live version. As part of our handover, we’ll run through your WordPress admin access and provide instructions on how to update the website’s content, as well as how to lodge support requests with us going forward. After that, your campaign manager introduces themselves as your main contact, and we can start the journey together to implement your business growth strategies.