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CitiCar Brand Re-Launched With A National Digital Marketing Campaign

Equity Transport Group is the owner of the CitiCar brand and was looking for the most effective solution to re-launch CitiCar’s online marketing. They needed a digital marketing agency that could assist them from logo and website development through to full campaign management. CitiCar is a brand to watch, as the digital marketing campaign continues to build momentum.

About CitiCar

CitiCar was founded in Adelaide in 1970 and over the years it’s expanded into Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast with an ever-increasing national footprint. CitiCar is part of the Equity Transport Group, Australia’s largest limousine company and owner of brands such as Hughes Limousines. CitiCar specialises in the corporate market offering the highest levels of professional service and exceptional value for money, with prices around 25% less expensive than competitors.

Citicar Website

CitiCar lacked any real online presence

CitiCar was an established and successful company, but until the start of this project there was almost no focus on its online marketing presence, so there was a lot of ground to make up. The first CitiCar website was launched in 2001 and amazingly remained in place until 2015!

CitiCar’s website certainly needed replacing, the branding needed a freshen-up, and CitiCar didn’t rank on Google at all. Equity Transport Group’s National Operations Manager, Kent Joseph, needed a full digital marketing solution to bring CitiCar up to date. CitiCar had to compete online in the rapidly changing and highly competitive private transport market and Kent selected Media Heroes to do the job.

Building a solution from the ground up

The project began with work to modernise the logo, while keeping certain elements that were important to the history of the brand.

A fully responsive website was developed in WordPress with a custom build and custom design. Kent provided Media Heroes with a broad scope for the web design phase and allowed our creative team free reign to take on the established competitors. The website architecture was developed at the same time as the SEO research phase, so these would work perfectly together, then all onsite copywriting was completed by Media Heroes. The executive team at Equity Transport Group had a lot of competing priorities, which meant one of the key parameters for the project was for Media Heroes to be able to manage the whole process relatively autonomously.

Once the website was launched, the digital marketing strategy began with a targeted Adwords campaign to boost visitors and enquiries. This provided time for the SEO campaign to build momentum and generated a large amount of initial data to help shape campaign decisions. The SEO campaign targeted several of the key growth markets for CitiCar and included regular content marketing.

  • Logo development
  • WordPress responsive build
  • Custom web design & development
  • Content marketing
  • Adwords campaign
  • Multi-regional SEO campaign
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Kent Joseph - Director

CitiCar goes from strength to strength

Although CitiCar was a well-established company, the digital marketing had to start from the very beginning, so in many ways this project was similar to launching an online marketing campaign for a start-up brand.

The campaign went through a few testing phases to find the right formula and it’s been critical to maintain regular communication and a strong working partnership to overcome the initial challenges. The SEO campaign is building strong momentum and delivering powerful results.

The organic search traffic is up 487% year on year, website goal conversions are up 368% over the same period and CitiCar has already gained four position 1 rankings on Google, with many more keyword phrases rising rapidly. The next phase will see CitiCar continue to build market share, underpinned by the strength of its digital marketing campaign.

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