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Web Development Brisbane

Web development is the coding magic that makes your website amazing. If you’ve been searching for ‘Web Development Brisbane’ and you’re looking for a local team of heroes to help you with your next project, talk to us today.

The best way to explain web development is the process of turning your business goals into an incredible design and then into a fully functional website. Undertaking a new web development project can be daunting. Sometimes you simply don’t know what you need to include, so many people start out feeling a bit lost. On the other hand, you might have a clear picture of how you want your website to work, but you’re unsure of how to translate your ideas into reality without breaking the bank. Web developers often seem to have their own language and start talking about coding, widgets and user interfaces, as your eyes gradually glaze over. Fear not, Media Heroes is here to make your web development journey a breeze. To get started either call our team on 1800 464 376 or book in for a FREE Discovery Session.

Media Heroes approaches web development by focusing on what’s important to help you super power your business. We talk your language, develop your website scope to meet your business goals, then we guide you through the whole process. Your website is the centre of your digital marketing strategy, so we need to plan the design, user experience (UX), functionality and overall performance to give you the best possible solution. At the end of the day, your website is a tool to make you money, so even though the functionality and build is fundamental, it’s important not to get caught up in the detail and loose sight of the big picture. 

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Website Development Brisbane

Web developers really are super heroes. They not only bring your brand to life with beautifully designed and interactive websites, but they’re incredible problem solvers and technical geniuses. Ok, maybe that’s laying it on a bit thick, but web development is pretty amazing and it’s essential for your digital marketing success.

Web development is often used interchangeably with web design, but where web design concentrates exclusively on the design, web development is the end-to-end process of building a website. Web development can be divided into front-end development and back-end development and web developers normally only specialise in one or the other. So what’s the difference?

Front-end website development is typically completed by your web designer and it’s the process of turning a design into a creative, beautiful and engaging website, normally using the three fundamental coding languages – HTML, CSS and Javascript (JQuery). Back-end website development is where the real heavy lifting is done and these genius problem solvers deal with servers, web applications and databases using coding languages including PHP, SQL, Python and Ruby. The functional components of a website such as forms, database queries, calculators, integrations, membership areas, and shopping carts were all created by back-end developers. Getting clearer? Stay with me, as there’s a little more to explain.

Front-end development is inherent in building a website (unless you’re using one of those terrible website builders), but not every project needs back-end web development, as a lot of coding already exists. This is where you make the choice between configuring existing functionality or starting from scratch and custom coding a completely new solution. At Media Heroes, our lead generation websites are built using WordPress, which is an exceptionally flexible, open-source, content management system (CMS) built in PHP. It would be pretty unusual for a client to want to create their own custom CMS, when WordPress is so good, as you’d be reinventing the wheel and adding significant costs to your project. The same principle applies to ecommerce websites. We base our ecommerce solutions on Woocommerce and Magento, both of which are built in PHP, and they provide us with a huge amount of base functionality. The most common application for back-end development for Media Heroes’ clients is if you required non-standard functionality within your website. In this case, we’d normally look for existing extensions or plugins first (existing code we can add to WordPress, Woocommerce or Magento), but if nothing’s suitable, then we’d use our back-end web developers to custom code a solution for your exact needs. The point is, Media Heroes can help you create the perfect website by combining incredible design with both front-end and back-end web development. If you’ve been searching online for ‘Web Developers Brisbane‘, ‘Web Development Brisbane‘, ‘Website Development Brisbane‘ or a host of similar keywords, it’s hard to know who can really help you. If you want a truly heroic team with a full array of superpowers, then you’ve come to the right place! Talk to the team at Media Heroes today and take your first step by booking in for a FREE Discovery Session.

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The Web Development Process

Web Development Brisbane

The first step after you make your initial enquiry is to schedule your FREE Discovery Session over the phone. During this session, our aim is to understand what you need, discuss ideas and share our advice. At the end of the session, we can both determine if we’re a good fit to work together. Assuming we are, we’ll roll up our sleeves and delve in to discover the perfect web development solution for your business. To make things as easy as possible for you, we’ll follow our proven web development process, so we can achieve the best possible results.

Website Development Brisbane - Strategy - Media Heroes

1. Business Consultation & Strategy

The starting point for any new project is to understand your business, your customers, your competition and your goals. With this information, we can work together to identify the priorities for the project and develop your digital marketing strategy to help you achieve them. It’s critical to identify the strategy from the beginning, as this is key to planning and refining the scope and to understand what elements are core to achieve your primary goals and which ones can be added over time. Many people want to delve straight into the project with their web development Brisbane team, but it’s essential to share a common strategic approach from the start.

Web Developer Brisbane - Scope - Media Heroes

2. Scope Development & Confirmation

Once we have a clear understanding of what we need to achieve, we can begin to create the website development scope. Most web design projects have relatively simple functional requirements, which can be achieved within our standard scope inclusions using front-end web development. However, more complex projects including customised ecommerce solutions commonly require tailored functional specifications and a good deal of exploration and problem solving. Once we’ve defined exactly how you wish the functionality to work, the next step is for your Brisbane web developer to research what plugins or extensions already exist to meet your requirements. If no existing code is suitable, then we can use our back-end web development capabilities to explore a custom coded solution. Once we’ve tackled the functional needs of the project, we can create the sitemap, define the content needs and provide alternative investment options for what will be included in the initial web development scope.

Website Development Brisbane - Design Content - Media Heroes

3. Design & Content Creation

With your project scope defined, we can begin the web design phase. We start by researching your leading competitors within Australia and abroad, combined with our own design inspirations and creative flair. The initial focus is the homepage and after gaining your feedback, we’ll incorporate your input and sign off the design together. With the homepage confirmed, we can move on to creating the other design templates, such as service pages, product pages, and your blog. In parallel with the design phase, we work with you to complete your onsite content briefs, so either you can begin creating your own content or we can use our amazing content team to produce professional onsite content on your behalf.

Web Development Brisbane - Build - Media Heroes

4. Website Development & Build

With the designs underway, your Brisbane web developer can begin building and coding your new website. This is where the design, content and website development all come together and your site begins to come alive. At Media Heroes, we build your website to our own strict quality standards, which are some of the most comprehensive in our industry. Our standards take place behind the scenes, but the time and effort spent doing things properly makes an incredible difference to the long-term performance of your website and your digital marketing campaign. Our unique quality standards are the result of years of research and although most Brisbane web design companies don’t build to set standards, we regard them as an essential part of the website development phase. After all, your website is central to your digital marketing success, so we work hard to help you avoid unnecessary risks by doing things right the first time.

Website Development Brisbane - Testing - Media Heroes

5. Website Development Testing & Finalisation

The time involved in the testing, finalisation and launch phase varies depending on the complexity of the build, but it’s important to get this right for every website. New websites are typically built on a development domain or behind a holding page, so after we check the functionality and build standards, we need to plan the launch process. This often involves hosting considerations, redirects and more testing once your site goes live.

Web Development Brisbane - Campaign - Media Heroes

6. Digital Marketing Campaign

This is where the hard work really starts! With the right foundations in place, we can launch your digital marketing campaign and begin to drive qualified visitors into your new website. The combination of amazing web design, a high quality build, the right structure, and a well-planned strategy all come together within the digital marketing campaign to produce long-term results and profitability. Your target market simply can’t resist you!

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Web Development Questions

The truth is you need a combination of strategy and technical expertise for successful web development. Either one on it’s own or too much emphasis on one over the other isn’t going to work. The web development process needs to start with a great digital marketing strategy, so that any solutions are created around the needs of your customers and to achieve specific business goals.

The most common mistake business owners make with web development is to go straight to a web developer for strategic advice or to be overly prescriptive about the scope without seeking any professional guidance. Brilliant as they may be, web developers aren’t normally able to provide business and digital marketing advice and if you ask them to do something specific, they will normally try to oblige. Start by defining the journey ahead with your digital marketing consultant, seek guidance around the practicality of the scope and then tackle the web development challenges by working alongside your Brisbane web developer. At Media Heroes, we’ve created a process to help you get the very best results, so book in for a FREE Discovery Session and talk to us about your web development project.

To keep your web development project on track, we have specific points where we gain your input and sign off aspects of your design. The first stage is to design your homepage. We spend time discussing what styles you like and plan out the homepage in detail, so when you see the concept design, we aim for it to be as close as possible to the final version. Having said that, you obviously have the opportunity to provide feedback and we always include one round of design revisions within our standard web development scope. During the project there are additional points for minor design amendments, but once the core design templates are confirmed and the build is underway, changing them later usually involves considerable re-work, so we try to avoid this to keep the project on track. At the end of the day, we work very hard to make sure your web design is amazing and your website is a wonderful representation of your brand. After all, our reputation depends on it.

Providing your content’s suitable then you certainly can. However, we need to be sure, as onsite content affects conversion rates and the ability for your site to rank as part of an SEO campaign. Before we start your web development project, we’ll do a health check of your existing site, so we’ll have a good picture of whether the originality, length and quality of the content is going to be suitable to re-use. We’ll also consider the sitemap for you new website as this is commonly different from your existing site, meaning new content will be necessary for any new pages. Most new web development projects do require new onsite content, but if you’re unsure just ask and we can explore this with you.

If you ask a back-end web developer this question, they’ll nearly always say it’s best to custom code, as you can meet the technical specifications exactly, you aren’t reliant on another web developer’s work, you have much more flexibility and scalability, you can eliminate unnecessary complexity, plus lots more advantages. However, custom coding usually costs more and depending on how complex the challenge, it can add to the overall web development time. However, if existing functionality is available, the coding is high quality and it meets your scope precisely, then there’s usually no need to incur the added expense of custom coded solution. If nothing already exists to meet your requirements, then obviously you have no choice, but to custom code. The tricky choice is when you find existing code, but it doesn’t meet your specifications exactly or it has other disadvantages, such as clashing with other functionality within your build. At this point, it’s best to explore the costs of a custom coded solution and then to compare the pros and cons before reaching a final decision. Ultimately these are all great questions to discuss with your website development Brisbane team here at Media Heroes!

You must be deep into your research to ask this one! If you do a few web searches, you’ll find conflicting information, so we’ve attempted to keep the answer as clear as possible.

Themes control the look and feel of a website and they’re commonly referred to when describing WordPress builds. Themes primarily control the layout of a website and they use design templates to dictate the styling, plus they normally work with plugins to add functionality. A theme is essentially a download of lots of files that work together to create a website. You can use themes just for the layout and then customise the design and functionality yourself, so they’re quite flexible and you don’t have to use everything. Although they save overall web development time, not all themes are equal, so you really need to know what you’re doing before choosing one.

Templates are the design files that determine the specific design for particular pages. Each distinct page or design state within a website will have it’s own design template. For example, the homepage and the contact page will use different design files. If you’re developing a unique design for a website, you need to create all the design templates you are going to need within that website from scratch. If you download a theme, they usually include one or more alternative sets of design templates, which you can use or you can create your own. The term ‘design template’ is often understood to mean ‘pre-built design templates’, but design templates are actually created in custom designs too. Another area of confusion is that people often refer to ‘templates’ or ‘website templates’, when they mean themes or website builders, so it’s no wonder people get confused!

A plugin is a term used commonly with WordPress websites. It’s an existing piece of code that adds specific functionality to a website. Plugins add functionality such as adding social sharing buttons to your blog or speeding up website load time, but they can also be much more extensive, such as turning a WordPress build into an ecommerce website by installing the Woocommerce plugin. You can install several plugins within a single WordPress site, but not all plugins work well together and some plugins only work with certain themes. Generally, the more plugins you use the more problems you’ll have, so this is definitely an area where you’ll need some advice.

An extension is a term commonly used with Magento websites, but extensions do not exist within WordPress! An extension in Magento is to all intents and purposes the same as a plugin within WordPress. It’s a pre-existing piece of functionality that extends the core functionality of Magento. Just to confuse things, other platforms, like Joomla refer to both plugins and extensions, so if you’re looking for exact definitions, it’s best to search specifically what’s meant within each platform.

We hope this brief explanation helps a little to dispel some confusion! We’re always happy to share our knowledge and offer advice, so why don’t you speak to your new web development Brisbane team at Media Heroes today!

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