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PPC advertising gives you unbelievable control to grow your business. Looking for the best PPC Brisbane experts? Talk to Media Heroes today.

If you want more enquiries, PPC advertising can deliver new customers fast. PPC (pay per click) is an online advertising mechanism used to channel qualified visitors to your website. Attract more visitors, convert more leads and watch your business grow. PPC advertising appears on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and on thousands of smaller websites. Every time someone clicks on your advert, you pay for that click, hence the name. Business owners have never before had the degree of control, flexibility and targeting offered by PPC advertising. Although PPC is incredibly powerful and there are plenty of success stories, many business owners struggle to use it effectively. Do you feel your Brisbane PPC campaign might be wasting money? Are you generating lots of traffic, but very few leads or sales? Do you struggle to know what to focus on or what to measure? Could your PPC advertising campaign benefit from a professional health check?

Media Heroes offers a full range of PPC advertising options, so we can develop the perfect strategy for your business and manage everything for you. We have the experience and skills get the best performance from your campaign and to maximise your return on investment. Pay per click advertising describes a diverse group of advertising tools including Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Facebook Advertising, Display Advertising, Remarketing and Video Advertising. Each PPC advertising tool is fairly complex, so it’s no wonder more and more business owners are looking for professional PPC campaign management. If you’ve been searching online for ‘PPC Brisbane’ or ‘Pay Per Click Brisbane’ and you aren’t sure which company to choose, talk to Media Heroes today. For the best results, clear communication and a commitment to your success, choose the Media Heroes Brisbane PPC team as your PPC advertising partner. To get started, simply call 1800 464 376 or book in for a FREE Discovery Session. We’ll explain everything clearly and outline the best strategy to reach your goals.

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Powerful PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click Brisbane

PPC advertising is truly incredible and allows you to laser target new customers, either by their search queries, interests, demographic profile or online behaviour. Drive qualified visitors to your website from the first day of your PPC campaign and measure every visitor interaction to constantly refine and improve your online advertising. Media Heroes has the business acumen, strategic insight, and technical expertise to deliver the best performance from your Brisbane PPC campaign.

Creating successful campaigns begins by understanding your business, your target market and exactly what you wish to achieve. There are several types of PPC advertising, suitable for different businesses, target customers and campaign objectives. Media Heroes offers a wide range of choices, so we can use the right tools for the job and achieve optimal results for your business. Talk to the Media Heroes Brisbane PPC team today by calling the Hero Hotline on 1800 464 376 or book in for a FREE Discovery Session!

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6 Steps To PPC Success

PPC Brisbane

Although PPC advertising offers incredible opportunities for business growth, many PPC campaigns are poorly set up and fail to perform. Unless you have the right local Brisbane PPC campaign management, it’s easy to waste money, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Media Heroes is a leading PPC Brisbane advertising agency and we’ve developed a proven process to get the very best performance from your investment. The team at Media Heroes will guide you through our ‘6 Steps To PPC Success’ to ensure your PPC campaign integrates perfectly with your wider digital marketing strategy and achieves an excellent return on investment.

PPC Brisbane - Research - Media Heroes

1. PPC Research & Planning

Your PPC campaign begins with an initial FREE Discovery Session to understand your business, your customers and your goals. This process allows us to select the right PPC advertising mechanism to most effectively target your customers and achieve the desired outcomes. Once the PPC campaign outline is confirmed, we can begin our detailed customer and competitor research. This essential stage is an area where the leading Brisbane pay per click advertising companies invest more time to achieve the best results.

PPC Brisbane - Set Up - Media Heroes

PPC Set Up & Audience Targeting

Each PPC advertising mechanism requires a different account set up and has a different audience targeting process. For example, Google Adwords Search includes ad groups, keyword targeting, negative keywords, and location targeting, whereas Facebook Advertising relies on variables such as interests, behaviours, connections, location and demographic profiles. Taking the time to set up your Brisbane PPC campaign correctly is absolutely essential to achieve the best results.

Pay Per Click Brisbane - Ad Copy - Media Heroes

3. Ad Copy & Creative

Ad types vary between PPC advertising mechanisms and can include text ads, banner ads, and video ads. The ad headlines need to instantly grab attention, the ad copy or visuals need to resonate with the target audience and finally the calls to action have to be sufficiently motivating to achieve results. It’s critical to set up different ad variations and to A/B split test continually, so you can discover the most effective combinations.

Pay Per Click Brisbane - Landing Pages - Media Heroes

4. Landing Pages & Conversion Goals

PPC is a cost per click advertising model, which means each visitor costs you money. Simply generating traffic isn’t enough. To be sustainable, you have to convert traffic into measurable goals such as leads or subscribers. Setting up specific landing pages for your PPC campaign and going through the process of conversion rate optimisation is essential if you’re going to be successful.

PPC Brisbane - Measurement - Media Heroes

5. PPC Measurement & Analysis

PPC advertising gives you access to an enormous quantity of data, so it’s important to focus on the key metrics such as CTR and goal conversion rates. Effective decision-making relies on having sufficient data to draw reliable conclusions, so it’s critical to give each test scenario time run before making additional campaign adjustments. Our ability to analyse, interpret and use the data is where our experience really makes the difference and this allows us to continually refine your campaign.

Pay Per Click Brisbane - Reporting - Media Heroes

6. Reporting & Refinement

PPC campaign management is a continual process and your involvement is very important. Once your campaign begins, you’ll receive traffic almost instantly, but it’s important to understand that PPC requires a significant amount of testing and refinement to achieve maturity and realise it’s potential. You’ll receive access to our Online Performance Dashboard and your Brisbane PPC Campaign Manager works with you to discuss campaign progress and shares key insights. PPC advertising works best when there’s a shared commitment to iterate and refine the campaign over the long term.

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PPC Advertising Questions

Most PPC campaigns have a minimum budget of $1,500 plus gst per month ($500 campaign management plus $1,000 click spend), but there’s a wide variation with PPC advertising. For example, a pay per click Brisbane targeted campaign won’t need the same budget as a full national PPC campaign. It’s always best to book in for a FREE Discovery Session first, so we can provide specific recommendations for your business. Your advertising investment will depend on the average cost per click for your industry, the type of PPC campaign best suited to your business, your market size and your goals.

They sure do! Just because you don’t necessarily click on the ads doesn’t mean this is true for your potential customers. Depending on the age of your target audience, 30% to 65% of people regularly click on the ads.

Interestingly, research shows that approximately a third of people don’t even realise they are clicking on ads at all. The final point is that you only pay when someone clicks (i.e. pay per click), so you’ll soon see just how many people click on the ads! PPC advertising is amazingly effective to attract customers at the cusp of their purchase decision, so a better question is whether you can afford not to be using PPC advertising!

One of the most common questions! Advertising platforms like Google Adwords have very effective counter measures to prevent this. They detect and filter out invalid click activity and automatically remove these clicks from your account without charging you. Google has build algorithms to do most of the work, plus they have a dedicated Ad Traffic Quality Team to ensure invalid clicks don’t affect your campaign. If your competitors wish to spend time everyday repeatedly clicking on your ads, you can rest assured that this is actually costing them money in lost productivity and having no effect on you!

The best advice is to use whatever digital marketing tools are going to generate profitable leads for your business.

If both PPC and SEO are suitable for your business and you have the budget available, then using them together is the best possible choice. Pay Per Click Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation are complementary marketing mechanisms, so you’ll realise significant benefits from using them together. However, it’s important to remember that PPC isn’t suitable in every circumstance and neither is SEO. Selecting the ideal digital marketing strategy for your business is not always a simple process and just because your competitors are doing something doesn’t mean you should too. The Media Heroes Brisbane PPC team will provide the right advice and guidance, so book in for a FREE Discovery Session today to find what’s best for your business.

The key with PPC advertising is to understand what each new enquiry is worth to your business, then you can work backwards to calculate the conversion rates you need to achieve and how much you can afford to spend per click, so you have clear KPI’s from the beginning. The example below illustrates this point:

  • Lifetime gross profit value of a new customer = $1,000
  • Conversion rate from new enquiry to new customer = 25%
  • Value of each new enquiry = $250
  • Website/landing page conversion rate = 5%
  • Value of each visitor = $12.50
  • Average cost per click = $5.00
  • Therefore, profit per click = $7.50

You can see in the example, that with a cost per click of $5.00, this campaign would be highly profitable. This sort of data is relatively easy to estimate for PPC and this exercise can be used to find out the minimum campaign performance to set realistic goals based on profitability targets. If you want to explore whether PPC is likely to be profitable for your business, book in a FREE Discovery Session with the Media Heroes Brisbane PPC team today and we’ll walk you through this process.

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