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When you think about digital marketing as a machine with inputs, outputs and levers of influence, you can start to take control of your business growth. If you’re looking for the leaders in digital strategy Brisbane, you’ve found the heroes you were looking for!

Your digital marketing strategy is fundamentally about laying the foundations for your success. If you simply dive in without exploring the key priorities for your business, at best you’ll miss a lot of opportunities and at worst you can waste a lot of money. Most business owners don’t properly consider their digital strategy, as they either perceive the process as being too expensive, too complex or both. While digital marketing isn’t easy, the concepts aren’t hard and in fact the core marketing fundamentals are the same as they’ve always been. Getting your digital marketing strategy right is definitely worth the effort, as a well-executed digital marketing campaign is likely to be highly profitable and it may be the only marketing you’ll ever need.

Our approach at Media Heroes is to begin by taking the time to understand your business. We explore what parts of your Brisbane digital marketing strategy are already working, where you have the most potential and how you’re likely to achieve the best return on investment. By discussing our ideas with you, learning about your business and sharing our knowledge, we can establish a strong and lasting partnership. If you’re ready to begin exploring the potential for your business, start by requesting an initial FREE Discovery Session with one of our digital marketing experts today.

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Clarity & Direction

Digital Marketing Strategy Brisbane

Most business owners want action and results, but they also recognise the importance of having a clear roadmap.

Developing a digital marketing strategy with Media Heroes can be as simple as using our framework to work through the priorities together, right up to developing a formal digital strategy document. The key point is that we need to think about your digital marketing as a machine or a system. This helps us avoid working in an ad hoc manner or focusing on things in the wrong order, which is all too common. The last thing you want is a website that attracts hardly any traffic or an SEO campaign that generates no quality enquiries. As a leading Brisbane digital marketing agency, we’ll help you focus on what’s truly important for your business and achieve the best possible results. If you’ve been searching online for ‘Digital Strategy Brisbane‘ or ‘Digital Marketing Strategy Brisbane‘ and you weren’t sure who to speak to, talk the team at Media Heroes today. To get started either call the Hero Hotline on 1800 464 376 or book in for a FREE Discovery Session, so we can give you the right advice from the start.

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The Digital Marketing Profit Machine

Digital Strategy Brisbane

Your digital marketing machine is made up four distinct phases; Attract, Convert, Engage and Close. There are inputs and outputs of each phase and you have varying levels of influence over each component of the machine. Understanding and applying this basic model is the foundation for effective digital marketing strategy.

Whether you’re aiming for lead generation or to launch an ecommerce Brisbane website, the process is really the same, so this model can be applied to almost any business. If you’re aiming to keep things simple, you can always begin by implementing only select parts of the machine, but in order to perform successfully it must have a certain minimum set up.

What parts of the machine you need to focus on and in what quantities will vary for every business and part of the process of working with Media Heroes is to set everything up correctly to maximise your results. The current state of your Inbound Marketing closely relates to how we approach your Digital Strategy. For more detail on this make sure you download your free ebook. If you’ve been searching for help with ‘Digital Strategy Brisbane‘ or ‘Digital Marketing Strategy Brisbane‘, you found the team who can really deliver. To speak with a member of our talented team call the Hero Hotline on 1800 464 376 or request a FREE Discovery Session today.

Digital Marketing Strategy Brisbane - Attract - Media Heroes

Digital Strategy Step 1: Attract

The aim of this phase is to send large numbers of high quality visitors to your website. The attraction phase is comprised of a mix of traditional and digital methods including branding, word of mouth, direct marketing, SEO and PPC advertising. Each attraction method varies in how much control you have, how expensive it is, and how long they take to mature, so you need to use of these methods correctly and consider metrics such as the comparative cost per click (CPC). The more effective your attraction strategies, the more qualified visitors will go to your website and the more leads and sales you’ll generate.

Digital Marketing Strategy Brisbane - Convert - Media Heroes

Digital Strategy Step 2: Convert

The aim of this phase is to turn visitors into goals (conversions). Your website is the centre of your digital marketing machine and it’s your primary conversion tool, so don’t take short cuts with your web design.

Conversions can either be hard goals (e.g. leads or sales) or soft goals (e.g. audience building) and both are important. Small changes to your conversion rates (conversion optimisation) will have massive effects on the profitability of your digital marketing, so make sure you start with the right website and be prepared to continually invest and iterate.

Digital Marketing Strategy Brisbane - Engage - Media Heroes

Digital Strategy Step 3: Engage

The aim of this phase is to build a trusted relationship with your current and potential customers based on providing value. The outputs are website visitors and increased word of mouth, leading to increased leads and sales. You need to connect with potential customers while they move along the buying decision process, encourage existing customers to buy more from you more often, and maximise positive word of mouth. The engagement phase consists of three primary engagement methods; content marketing, social media and email marketing. Focusing on engagement can be very powerful, but it does take time, experimentation and commitment to be really effective.

Digital Marketing Strategy Brisbane - Close - Media Heroes

Digital Strategy Step 4: Close

The aim of this phase is the make the sale. With a lead generation website the final output of the digital marketing machine is an enquiry, which then enters your own sales conversion process, but it’s still critical that you analyse how effective you are converting your leads. With an ecommerce website, the close phase is completed on the website via the shopping cart, so analysing and optimising this is essential. The final output of the close phase is to generate a soft goal of building your audience, so you can continue to develop the relationship with your new customer within the engagement phase.

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Digital Strategy Questions

The Digital Marketing Profit Machine is the foundation for our approach at Media Heroes. For the majority of our clients, their digital strategy is embedded into their solutions, so there’s no additional cost and this forms part of the incredible value we offer. However, if you wish to have a formal digital strategy plan, then we would charge for the creation of this document and the cost would depend on what you’d like included and whether you wish to combine this with other services, such as workshops and structured digital consulting.

It’s certainly a good start, but a website can’t generate substantial leads and sales by itself. You can have the best website in the world, but without an attraction strategy to drive qualified visitors to see it, then it’s like a billboard in the desert. You really need to plan your attraction strategy before developing your website, otherwise the structure, content and calls to action may not be correct, creating lots of rework. Most Brisbane web design companies only focus on the website, which is only part of the solution, so make sure you look for a Brisbane digital marketing agency who can help you with the whole process or you’ll be left wondering why your shiny new website isn’t performing.

This really depends on where you are now and the sort of business you have. If you need a new website, then obviously you need to factor in the time to design and build that first, which could be anyway from 4-6 weeks upwards. From there, attraction methods are going to be a lot faster than focusing on engagement and even between attraction methods there’s going to be variation. For example, PPC advertising will generate visitors very quickly, but will still take a few months to mature, whereas a regional SEO campaign will take several months to generate an increase in visitors and longer to mature. Although in some cases, you can see results within a few months, it’s important not to treat your digital strategy as a quick fix, but as part of the foundation for your business success. To learn more about timing expectations for your business, make sure you discuss this within your initial Discovery Session.

In almost every case, looking at your digital marketing strategy objectively will present you with new opportunities you were previously unaware of, so we always recommend it. However, there are some instances, usually with B2B companies, where you might only have a very small number of potential customers or the industry may work through referrals or requests for tender. In cases like these, your focus might be more on the conversion and engagement phases of the model. Having a highly effective website is always important, but rest assured that we’ll only recommend what we feel you need, as our focus is always on your success.

Absolutely! We love working with new businesses and the needs of a start up are certainly different from a more established organisation. The first place to start is normally your brand and website design, then we need to identify the most effective attraction strategies for you. Once we have a simple system working for you and making you money, we can begin to expand the digital marketing campaign and roll out more parts of the digital marketing profit machine to keep your business growing. Working with Media Heroes, you can be confident that we’ll provide guidance every step of the way and a big part of our discussions are to help you focus on what’s most important.

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